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"Reformists" Syndicalist Front

They claim to be independent, they claim to do this out of their own initiative and sense of right! How even dare they call this a sense of right, to so violently try to push their vile agenda of abolishing the divine right of the monarch to the throne of his state and lordship over his people, who might I remind, give their full consensus of him during the coronation!? I tell you!, these are no independent brutes but rather the well-organized cogs in the machine of the revolutionary state, in their attempts to proclaim their accursed world republic! A Tsarist professor about the connections between the terrorist group and the Avian Revolutionary State



The Front is organized into provincial teams that then answer to their regional commands. These are under the commisariats that are looked after by the general commisariat.  

Ties to the Avian regime

The organization, although claiming to be independent, is in fact a creation of the newly proclaimed Revolutionary Avian Syndicalist Republic. Because of that, it is its regime that pulls all the strings within the Front, having loyal subordinates at the helm of it.

Public Agenda


The Front is bound to spreading the syndicalist ideas of fighting against the current oppressive governmental rule in the hopes of securing support for a revolution. This they achieve in numerous ways, both violent and peaceful, ranging from sharing propaganda and hurtful to the ruling class gossip, to outright terrorist attacks on military or diplomatical convoys or buildings.  

Violence and terror

Violence is a crucial element of their actions, however, targeted primarily at the governmental structure and people. This ranges from beatings all the way up to assassinations and bomb attacks, where often innocent people are caught up as collateral victims. They make their presence ever so close so that fear of imminent danger persists, forcing law enforcement and such to always be on high alert.  

Propaganda war

The other fundamental element of the Front's activities is sharing pro-syndicalist and anti-governmental propaganda material. These can be grotesque or comical posters depicting the monarch or his subordinates, graffiti with syndicalist mottos, leaflets presenting syndicalist concepts and ideas in a positive light.


After the fall of the Avian Monarchy and official establishment of the Syndicalist Avian Revolutionary Republic/State, the organization was quickly put together by the regime to act as an undercover "strike team" into other countries. Its purpose was to spread the fire of the revolution so that the regime's position would be somewhat stabilized, thanks to their neighbours' sudden need to focus on eliminating this new internal threat.
Illicit, Terrorist group
Alternative Names
The Red Tide
The current system is simply wrong. We feed and clothe everyone. And what do we get I ask you? Nothing! That's what we get! And this is why they have to pay in blood for the losses they are inflicting upon us. A Syndicalist Avian demagogue confronting a captured loyalist officer

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