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The manifestation of the Paragons was not met with universal adulation. The physical forms of the Twelve have always been viewed by some as false idols, or someone masquerading as the gods, despite their undeniable divine power. The first attempt against a Paragon was made two years after their manifestation, when a group of aven dissidents attacked Kujata. Temple defenders thwarted the attack, and the incident prompted the formation of a centralized authority in the Pavilion of the Paragons. The Pavilion's efforts and safeguards kept the Paragons from being harmed, and across Khasrana the Paragons came to be respected and worshiped.   Until the Whitefire.   Almost fifty years to the day since the Paragons manifested, three attacks against Paragons were launched simultaneously. Mainyu the Judge, Bennu the Fearsome, and the Avatar of Naught were each targeted by an unknown organization. The attacks on Mainyu and Bennu were rebuffed, but the attack on Naught was successful. Pavilion enforcers reported seeing a single white blossom attached to the Avatar's shoulder - a blossom later identified as a whitefire flower.   An organization calling themselves the Whitefire claimed responsibility for the attacks, and enacted further attacks against other Paragons. Led by a figure known as the Whitefire Maiden and infiltrating Pavilion authority all the way to the top, they struck against the Paragons again and again until their goal of a Khasrana free from false gods was realized.


The Whitefire is loosely organized, with little more structure than having the Maiden at its top. She has a definite circle of those she trusts most, but they are not officially afforded any more powers or privileges than lower-ranking agents.

Public Agenda

The Whitefire sees the Paragons as false idols, not really representative of the Twelve. They offer no insight as to where the Paragons came from, but they have more than demonstrated their capability of destroying them.


Small Whitefire camps have been encountered throughout the Windwood. These camps usually contain a pirate communication relay that allows them to broadcast encrypted messages while monitoring Pavilion communications. One camp also contained a workshop that was used to manufacture bombs like the ones that destroyed Naught and Irminsul, but it was quickly destroyed by Pavilion agents once discovered.


The Khasrana cells of Whitefire are thought to have been founded no more than five years ago. That is when the outlaw Berindau was first seen with the woman identified as the Whitefire Maiden, and it is known that he provided her with much of the information about the Twelve that she used. They only revealed themselves as a criminal organization, however, with the threefold attack on the Paragons that claimed Naught. After that, Pavilion intelligence quickly began investigating the organization, and uncovered several more plots against the Paragons. Some had already progressed too far to easily stop, but the Pavilion quickly dispatched their best fighters to prevent the loss of any more Paragons.
Illicit, Terrorist group


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