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"Long before man walked the land, the world belonged to the great titans Khasrana and Naught. In that time, there was a warm and beautiful light that traveled the sky at night. And Khasrana so coveted that light that he struck it from the sky, affixing one half to his hair and presenting the other half to his lover, Naught. Ten smaller fragments fell to the land, and from them Khasrana and Naught brought their ten children as we know them into being." Or so the origin of the Twelve is explained in myth. The gods of Khasrana are unlike those of other worlds, being physical yet still inscrutable. They take the form of massive statues that emanate their power from tall towers across the continent of Khasrana. However, their physical form is a relatively recent occurrence. The Twelve have been central to Khasrana's religion and folklore for millennia, but they did not exist in their current state until about 50 years ago. Their power is undeniable, but the reason for their manifestation is unknown. Among this period of upheaval, an elvish hunter returns to her home after sixteen years of absence.