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Akara, the Whitefire Maiden

Akara (a.k.a. Whitefire Maiden)

Akara was born into hardship. The youngest child of a family of mountain barbarians, she was raised having to fight for everything that was hers. When her pyromantic talents manifested at an early age, she was shunned and feared by her tribe. Her abilities were valuable to the hunters among her people, but she was still treated as a pariah after the hunts were over. When she was fourteen, she tracked a party traveling through her tribe's mountain pass on her own and ambushed them. Though she was nearly a match for the entire group, it was not a fight she could win. After that day, her tribe never heard from her again.   Years later, the desert town of Ristalfa was suffocating under the oppression of the regional magistrate. A single woman united the people of the town in a rebellion that successfully claimed the life of the magistrate, but the struggle resulted in the destruction of the town. Nonetheless, the people were safe, and the Whitefire Maiden had proven herself a champion of the oppressed. Akara would use the persona of the Whitefire Maiden in other similar crusades, seeking out injustice and oppression and eradicating it wherever she saw it.   A young man from Meadowrun named Berindau eventually sought her help. As he told it, his country had recently been usurped by twelve false idols masquerading as the gods of his people. Akara's reputation as a rebel leader, as well as her talents with purification magic, would make her a perfect weapon against the Paragons. It was to be the Whitefire Maiden's biggest challenge yet.   Though Akara normally worked alone or in small groups, the challenge of the Paragons required her to expand her network significantly. Discontent with the Paragons was common enough and recruitment was not a challenge, but effectively organizing everyone was difficult for Akara. She spent years building her contacts and learning who to trust before revealing that she had devised a way to destroy the Paragons. Magic devices infused with the essence of the whitefire flower would drain all the energy from a Paragon or any similar magical construct, leaving it a lifeless hunk of stone. Eventually, her rebel network even expanded to include one of the emissaries to the Twelve - Loman, representative of Mainyu the Judge.   With the technology produced, her network in place, and her plans in order, it was time to set the seventh Whitefire Crusade in motion. Teams of her most trusted agents are dispatched to Mainyu the Judge, Bennu the Fearsome, and the Avatar of Naught, each with a whitefire bomb. The teams sent to Mainyu and Bennu were expected to fail, serving as distractions so that her primary target of Naught would be destroyed for sure. Naught's destruction brought the Whitefire to light, and Pavilion authority was on high alert across the continent. As her agents began to fail and the Pavilion began to gain ground, Akara decided to take on her next target personally. She almost singlehandedly destroyed Cosmia the Ascendant without even using a bomb. After this, she let the Whitefire network fall in on itself, as she had already demonstrated her power and her ideology to the people of Khasrana - all they had to do was stand up to the Pavilion and she would protect them.   As she waited for the remaining Whitefire agents and the Pavilion authority to exhaust each other, she planned her attack on the Avatar of Khasrana itself. The infiltration of the Pavilion would bring her face to face with Antora and Aidan, two of her foes from the fifth Whitefire Crusade.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Lithe and fast. Akara makes up for her shorter height with deadly martial prowess.

Body Features

Short copper hair, green eyes, tan freckled skin

Identifying Characteristics

Faded facial tattoos typical of her tribe

Physical quirks

Poor posture, always leaning on something, never standing up straight

Special abilities

Pyromancy - In addition to a mastery of standard pyromancy, Akara has also modified her fire magic to cleanse away magic and magical auras. This is what earned her the moniker of Whitefire Maiden, as her cleansing flames are white in color.

Apparel & Accessories

Akara tends to prefer leathers and furs since her upbringing left her sensitive to cold. She will wear what others consider to be too much clothing even in moderate weather, and will only start to remove layers when the climate is undeniably hot.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity




Failures & Embarrassments

Akara's longevity is a closely-guarded secret. Though she appears to be in her twenties, she is actually over two centuries old. She hides this fact to avoid questions and attention, and not even those closest to her know of it or what gave it to her.

Intellectual Characteristics

Akara is one of the most dangerous kinds of villains - one who sees herself as a hero. Each of the Whitefire's "crusades" has been in pursuit of justice, but Akara is not always in the right. Her sense of justice is more of an intolerance of authority, and some of her campaigns have left the people she was supposed to protect more exposed than before. Nonetheless, she is not a complete monster, and the Whitefire Maiden has been a savior to people across the world.

Personality Characteristics


Akara values autonomy and freedom, and will fight wherever she sees a threat to that. Even if this puts her on the wrong side of a conflict (as it often does), she still sees herself as doing the right thing.

Virtues & Personality perks

Protective, tenacious, quick-witted and funny, charismatic and friendly

Vices & Personality flaws

Impatient, tends not to see things through, would rather take an easy route than a proven one, lets her personal perspective on a topic cloud her judgment


Social Aptitude

Easygoing, confident but not cocky. Will make light of a situation to hide her deadly competence.


Will never speak formally or address an authority figure by their title. She usually will make small jokes at people's expense, but in her mind it's an affectionate gesture.
Year of Birth
4288 231 Years old
120 lbs
Aligned Organization

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