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The Nest


The Feather

The Feather is the intelligence gathering branch of The Nest. With ears around the world coming from many different walks of life, it is considered to be an incredible feat to be able to keep a piece of information hidden from The Feather. Though they do not publicly support it, many major figures and organizations frequently make use of its services to obtain the information they desire.
The Magpie
Intelligence gathering and trade.
With a base of operations in every major city, it is easy to find the information you need if you can pay the price. If you don't have the money, trading with some valuable knowledge of your own is easily acceptable. And if they don't have what you are looking for, simply put in a request and everything you need to know will soon be at the tip of your fingers.   The Feather's work is not only limited to the gathering and selling of information, however. Occasionally, a name or item will be added to the Blue Book . Any information concerning those on the Blue Book is strictly controlled and are usually unpurchaseable. Rarely, the organization will purposefully give out false information on the subject matter. Though, as it would harm their name if done too often, the number of times they have done so can be counted on one hand.

The Blade

The Blade is the military branch of The Nest. Bounty and mercenary work around the world are issued for its members to complete. If you want someone dead or need some extra hands but can't rely on a random mercenary to do the work due to the illicit nature of the job, you simply need to file a request with the group. To protect The Nest's interests, it also issues its own missions.
The Shrike
Assassination and mercenary work.
All mission requests are researched to determine the nature and risk concerning the jobs, the information being supplied by The Feather. When a request is accepted, it is given a grade of Bronze, Silver, or Gold depending on its difficulty and only members with the corresponding rank will be able to accept it. Members of The Blade will take a cut of the payment upon completion of a mission.   The Blade will sometimes decline bounties on people or even directly protect them. These people are listed in the Orange Book and anyone who tries to place a bounty on them will likely be killed off. If someone is interfering with The Nest's work or sticking their nose where it doesn't belong, The Blade may issue bounties of its own, paying for the completion of it in full from its treasury.

Regional Officers

As an international organization with at least one outpost in each nation or region, a member of both branches in each location is given the position of Regional Officer. They overlook the operations in their area and report directly to the leader of their branch. The officers' codenames are based on the regions notable birds, with each pair using the same bird as a basis.  
RegionThe Feather's Regional OfficerThe Blade's Regional Officer
Baralj and MaloekuMagpie's CunningMagpie's Omen
ČéarkuOsprey's SightOsprey's Dive
DijargiaOwl's EarsOwl's Grasp
Itzioa and the Strvosk ArchipelagoParrot's MimicryParrot's Screech
KarnharteShrike's DownShrike's Thorn
MočaviWidain's AntidoteWidain's Poison
NjirraldeKingfisher's LuckKingfisher's Spear
Nilurra and SjeurraPenguin's StandPenguin's March
PolaetzRaven's IntelligenceRaven's Memory
RastebasoPeafowl's DisplayPeafowl's Vanity
RhaheddicaPtarmigan's SnowPtarmigan's Hail
ŠumatarteAlbatross's GlideAlbatross's Determination
SumavstoKeerling's GiftKeerling's Wrath
The Warring TribesEagle's BeakEagle's Talon

The cutting winds carry with them distant whispers

Illicit, Syndicate
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Veterancy Level
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