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The Blood Hand Gang

The Blood Hand Gang are the most duplicitous Crime Syndicate that the continent of Arkala has ever seen. They deal in illegal materials and have business with many empires under the table. Despite being run by gnomes, they are feared the world over.   Any new leaders of The Blood Hand Gang get a red cape from the local tailors with a white handprint on it. In 302 BGW the founding member of the gang started out as a member of the council in the City of Thieves but after disagreeing on the fate of the guild was kicked out. Leaving the city of thieves and heading for Jurden City, he joined fellow outcasts and they robbed the Royal Vault and founding the Blood Hand Gang weeks later.   From peasants to Royals, all are welcome


Ipator Glith Ipator Glith is the head of this crime "Family" and is a Male gnome. Barely being able to see over his desk he still rudely insults anyone who enters his office. Since being in power he has brought about many changes, including a more democratic view of managing the syndicate. Another addition was that of a new flag.   Dejudicator Second in command to the head and in charge of Gambling, Finance and Meetings between other gangs. This tough looking gnome sits quietly in any room but when he speaks, everyone listens. He is seen as almost an equal to Ipator Glith and usually is seen as the friendlier one.   Aldref Due - The Advisor Aldred Due does not serve any head of the crime family, he only serves the Blood Hand Gang itself and will do anything to benefit it. It is his job to show the new leader around and help with his new adjustments. This has lead to quite a few assassinations by the Advisor in order to benefit the Blood Hand Gang.

Public Agenda

Power That is what the Blood Hand Gang strive for and they have made and broken deals too many times to count. They would even make deals with Tiamat to gain power. If there are any robberies, thefts or general illegal business around the Tamnel Desert then they are probably behind it.

Once Bloody, Forever Bloody

Illicit, Gang
Alternative Names
Army of the Night

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