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The Raven Kings

The Raven Kings started as you might expect any criminal organization to have started. A small group of thieves banded together to pool their talents and expand their profits. Over time more and more thieves saw the advantage of working within an organization and accepted the inherent risks that come with working with nefarious individuals.   The forest gnome Xyrobi Timbers, the lightfoot halfling Wellby Thorngage, and the half-orc Malagash all came together as the original members of what would come to be known as The Raven Kings.


The Conspiracy   Head conspirator (Unknown to all but the High Ravens)

The current Head Conspirator is a male Tabaxi known only as Feather. Whether that is his true name or an affectation chosen to fit in with the motif of the organization itself is unknown.   The High Ravens The High Ravens are each responsible for an aspect of the organization and report only to The Head Conspirator. They are the most dangerous positions within the organization. Everyone wants to be one, and they are the only people The Head Conspirator fears.   The Beak The Beak is the leader of the magical arm of the group. This portion of The Conspiracy is the primary home of the arcane and divine practitioners. The current Beak is a female Eladrin named Alwena Amakiir.   The Eye The Eye is the head information broker within the group. There are untold numbers of networks of "eyes and ears" throughout Ishinet, many even outside The Raven Kings structure, but you can rest assured that all of that information will make it back to The Eye eventually. The current Eye is a female Aasimar named Rhamera.   The Talon The Talon heads the physical fighting forces of the organization. Everything from the brute force of street thugs and highwaymen to the pinpoint accuracy of a stealthy assassin falls under The Talons leadership. The current Talon is a human female named Alyithra Claad'Afin.   The Wing The Wing handles the people and vehicles that control the movement of all the organization's merchandise. Counterfeit art, illegal substances, any physical item that might turn a profit. The Wing is responsible for it all. The current Wing is a female bugbear named Garougret.

None escape the Raven

Illicit, Syndicate
Alternative Names
Ravens / Birds / Kings

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