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Blood Hawks

"Do you know why I idolize the Blood Hawk? It's a fearless bird that attacks every beast beneath them. Just like me." - Garrat Van Reeth, Founder of the Blood Hawks
  The Blood Hawks are the largest and most organized gang that operates within The Freelands. Due to the size of the Blood Hawks, the gang is split into several groups known as Casts. Each of these Casts is allowed to operate independently and can vary greatly in size but ultimately each of these Casts answers to the Blackridge Mountain Cast, the largest and oldest Cast of The Blood Hawks.


Each Cast has a formal hierarchy as follows.  
  • The Blood Hawk: The leader of the Cast
  • The Buzzard: Second in command of the Cast
  • The Owl: The Secretary for the Cast
  • The Magpie: The Treasurer for the Cast
  • Axe Beaks: The Enforcers who provide security of senior members
  • Falcons: The scouts for the rest of the Cast when out on raids
  • Hawks: The rank held by the majority of the Casts members
  • Sparrows: New members that have yet to prove their loyalty

Public Agenda

The only goal of the Blood Hawks is to amass wealth and each Cast is allowed to pursue this goal as they see fit as long as they remember to pay their tribute to The Blackridge Cast. They are involved in numerous activities including gambling, protection rackets, narcotics distribution, mercenary work, and assassinations.


The Blood Hawks began as one of the numerous small bandit groups in the Blackridge Mountains. Over several years they managed to eliminate or absorb their rivals and established themselves within the ruins of Karthmere Keep, renaming it The Roost. Unsatisfied with remaining somewhat isolated in the Blackridge Mountains they expanded outwards into the rest of The Freelands and now exert their influence in much of the north and eastern areas of the region.

Flock Together and Strike Swift!

Illicit, Gang
Training Level
Veterancy Level

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