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The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen aren't men, and they don't ride horses. They're a group of four female bikers--designated War, Pestilence, Famine, and Death--who travel around causing mayhem and destruction. They are often followed by an all-women motorcycle gang that call themselves "Hell's Belles." Rumors abound that they live up to their name more than thought.

Public Agenda

The Four Horsemen don't seem to have any official agenda or goal in mind, and apparently going around sowing discord for no other reason than the heck of it. That said, the four claim to be the actual Four Horsemen from biblical texts. Naturally, this claim is highly suspect at best, but the sheer magnitude of their destruction is evidence enough that they are not ordinary humans. Whether they have superpowers, are capable of using magic, or actually live up to their claims is still up for debate.


Each of the Four Horsemen own a motorcycle, all appearing to be of the Harley Davidson Fat Boy model, that is painted the signature color of each Horseman: red for War, white for Pestilence, black for Famine, and pale greenish-yellow for Death. Each bike is incredibly durable and can withstand enormous amounts of abuse without taking damage.


The first known instance of the Four Horsemen appearing was on August 16 of 2012 in Oakland, California. An evening confrontation with a local Hells Angels chapter ended in the complete destruction of several city blocks (the epicenter of which being the Oakland Clubhouse) and over a hundred casualties. Since then, they're made a name for themselves travelling around the North American continent. Somewhere along the way, they gained a following in the form a large group of female bikers who have dedicated themselves to aiding the Four Horsemen in creating chaos. These women collectively refer to themselves as "Hell's Belles" and have garnered almost as much notoriety as their idols.
Illicit, Gang

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