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Samarno Family

The Samarnos have effectively ruled over the despised port of Gontam for generations. Begun by Raspovon Samarno, this crime family quickly used its vast wealth earned from black market trading to buy influence with those in power at the time. Their coat-of-arms is a black rat rampant, flanked by black lozenges, surrounded by a white belt. It stands for cunning and constancy as the tools they use to "serve" the people of Gontam. The Samarno family mansion is located in the south of town, protected by a 10-foot stone wall and numerous mercenary guards.
The current head of the family is Stana Samarno, a ruthless overlord who has grown fat in the decadence of his position. Greedy above all else, Stana willingly takes bribes to turn a blind eye to much of the crime in the town. He's most identifiable for his bulbous nose and ample weight, as wel as the two personal guards that always follow him around. His children handle most of the daily workings of Gontam's government.
The oldest son, Buda, oversees much of the day-to-day affairs in town. He acts as a de facto Captain of the Guard. While he obeys his father without question, Buda does have a much more gentle soul. Combined with his abnormally large frame, he has been called upon to break up more than a few fights between the guards and those they have taken into custody.
He holds a disdain for his younger brother Vana because Stana favors him to be the next Pakhan, or ruler, of Gontam. To help thwart this, Buda has secretly made a dark deal with a night hag named Malesia with the promise of him becoming the next Pakhan.
The second child of Stana, Vala, is a beauty to behold. Raven-haired and olive-skinned, her striking appearance has led to many suitors for her hand, all of which she has denounced. She is a large benefactor of the local church of Monus, the dark moon god, and secretly acts as its second-in-command. Gontam is one of the few cities in the world where Monus is worshipped openly, with Vala being no smal part of the reason why.
Her attitude is as dark as her hair and she has no problems throwing her political weight around to get what she wants.
Vana is the youngest child of Stana, and the favored son to take over the family "business". He looks exactly like his father did when he was the same age; dark hair, dark eyes, olive skin, and a strong jaw. Intelligent to a fault, Vana is in charge of the financial matters of the family. His brain power comes from years spent as a child in bed after barely beating the slimy doom that took the life of his mother and left him with a crippled leg. he still walks with a pronounced limp.
Given more freedom that his older siblings, Vana spends his time frivolously either drinking at local taverns or locked in his room poring over books in his personal collection. Rumor has it that he has a bit of arcane talent, though he has never been given any formal lessons.

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