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Corsair Accord

Esteemed Governor Walden,
As I'm sure you've been informed, there has been another pirate attack off the northern coast of Roje, this time targeting a fleet of merchants only a few days out from Port Ten Emerit. Surely I do not need to remind you that this is the twelfth attack of its kind just this month to occur within Fharyne waters. Friendly ears in unfriendly places all have the same tale to tell: this is all the work of the Corsair Accord. They've been increasing in number again in the past few years, all underneath our nose, and we can no longer dismiss them as a powerless group of brigands. To this end, I would like to propose the formation of a special division of the Fharyne Navy, a group of capable sailors and soldiers who will be tasked solely with the elimination of the pirate threat. We must consider the safety of our people above all else, Governor, and while the Accord stands, there can be no peace.

Attentively yours,
Commander Jennifer Strong

A letter dated 2 March, 281 6c. and sealed with a Fharyne Naval Forces crest.


The Corsair Accord is less of a formal organization and more a widely understood agreement between the many pirate crews that operate throughout northern Morova. There is, of course, seniority within the Accord- older and more successful crews and captains pull more power within the organization. Such power can be important due to the exact nature of the Accord itself. It encourages camaraderie and cooperation in an environment that might otherwise be hostile, and helps all pirates to succeed more than they might without its protections. For example, all pirates who join the Accord (and they are all heavily encouraged to join) must provide any other crew with assistance should they call for it. This means that if a ship takes damage from a battle, its captain can find another Accord ship at the nearest port and get them to help with supplies or repairs. Some find the Accord to be limiting and unnecessary, but it has without a doubt allowed for pirates to gain power in the north. Alliance with the Accord is shown by flying its crest from a ship's mast, right beneath the crew's own colors. In addition, it is said that there is a code passed only by word of mouth that, when uttered and met with the correct response, can be used to identify other members of the Accord.

Public Agenda

Most citizens who know of the Corsair Accord consider it to be a menace and a threat to peace- after all, it is an organization which increases the power of outlaws. Members of the Accord encourage rumors to be spread of its purpose, as many people fear the power of an organized group of armed brigands, and this fear advantages pirates when confronting their prey.


The Corsair Accord, though loosely bound by any sort of rigid leadership, is a force to be reckoned with in the north of Morova. It is thought to consist of nearly 300 ships, though no government has an exact figure.


The Accord has a fairly humble history that most who hear of it's power and reach wouldn't readily believe. It first arose late in the fifth Cycle, coinciding with the rise of both Fharyn and Toren-Osea as colonial powers. Many poorer citizens of lands taken over by these two powers found themselves in dire straits, and discovered through much struggle that help from the government would not be forthcoming. After many meetings in harborside taverns, these poor folk decided that they would have to take matters into their own hands and stick together if they wanted to improve their own lives, stick it to the empire, or both. It is known that these early groups split into smaller sections: some members wished to stay on land and make their stand there, whereas others took to the sea. The land-based factions eventually receded into the shadows, fracturing into smaller criminal groups or being quashed by federal military presence. However, those who called themselves the corsairs and fought at sea persisted, and kept alive the tradition of banding together in times of need in order to resist the force of a greater power.

What is needed but isn't given must be taken

Illicit, Pirate Crew
Alternative Names
Pirates of the Unclaimed Lands
Notable Members

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