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Thieves guild of Emeresia

The thieves guild is one of the oldest orginisations in Branos. Founded by the less than reputable individuals of the early slums it quickly grew in power and survived for centuries in a carefull equilibrium with the guards,




  • Controll and individuals with detailed mental maps of the catacombs of Emeresia.
  • A piece of Nyx.
  • A dozen assasins embued with the power of the dark.


The old thieves’ guild has always had an amiable relationship with both the guard and the nobles of Emeresia. For centuries the thieves would evenly steal from citizens from all walks of life. The guards would investigate robberies but they wouldn’t investigate too intensively. This was ideal for the thieves, especially since their members had a knack for freeing themselves from their cells. The thieves guild would control their members, ensuring that no one would ever be robbed too often, or lose too much in the robberies. Additionally the thieves’ guild would directly support the Soldiers of the night, especially in their hunt for assassins and the other servants of Ishtal.   This arrangement worked adequately for centuries; at least until Smiling Norton arrived. He quickly managed to gain a reputation in the guild, and was soon given some of the rare contracts beyond the city walls. He traveled to the Evergrove and stole an ancient magical artifact for an old, isolated elven druid. At first he did not know what he had taken, but as he heard whispers he began to understand. He had stolen a fragment of a lost god . On his journey home he began to learn how to use the energy of the lost god. He became one with the shadows, flowing through the darkness. Nothing could stand in his way and no secret could stay hidden from his gaze.   As he returned to Emeresia he met and brutally murdered the contractor He learned of everyone who knew of the artifact and, one by one, took care of them. From there he took control of the thieves’ guild by blackmailing and slaughtering the leaders in the guild. He imbued those loyal to him with dark magic, building the assassins core, an immensely loyal group willing to kill anyone that might oppose him. In Emeresia the guards are still unsure as to what is happening, while the Soldiers of the Night, already spread far too thin, lack the resources to investigate, and the Paladins of Silvana lack the authority to do much of anything within the city walls.
Guild, Thieves

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