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The Blood Pearls

They were outlandishly dressed: red, yellow, purple, sapphire, all these bright colors and feathers and scarves and such. I thought, I mean they looked like some kind of street performers right up until they punched me and took my coin purse.
- victim quote from a news pamphlet
  This all-female (and female expressing) gang in Samavra are known for attacking and robbing wealthy people in the streets. There have also been a number of times that several dozen have simply rampaged through the city shouting, tipping vehicles, snatching bags, and generally terrorizing the populace before scattering and vanishing.   Public opinion among the poor is split. Pearls are known to be generous with both their spoils and their protection, but there are tales of abuse and terror within the ranks as well. Rumor says that once one joins there is no backing out. Several deaths in recent years -- apparent suicides -- are whispered to be murders of those who tried to leave.


Outsiders have no idea what if any organizational structure exists within the Pearls, but news pamphlets do love to present their theories on the matter as fact.   Those within know that they owe their allegiance to someone called Snowstorm, but the number of people who actuallydrink! know the identity of that individual can be counted on one hand. Snowstorm has deputies who, in addition to attending the day-to-day running of cells, show up to squash competing or copycat groups.

Public Agenda

The rich stay rich and the rest of us starve. Fair, is it? We're just taking what's needed from those who have plenty to spare. If the city would do better by its poor, wouldn't need to, would we?
- anonymous Blood Pearl quote from a news pamphlet
  Samavra is known to many in the world as a place of unparalleled opportunity, where amazing rags-to-riches stories are possible. The teeming poor of the city see this for the exaggeration it is. There have certainly been a few true stories of that sort, but for most, the bottom of the barrel will remain their only reality.   The Blood Pearls offer both the promise of a better life and a chance to get back at society for its empty promises of prosperity. That both of these are accomplished by harassing and stealing from the well-to-do is, for some, simply an efficient perk.


Even those within the Pearls are usually unsure just how many safe houses exist.
Illicit, Gang
Alternative Names
Telopha Girls derog.


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6 Jul, 2018 17:13

Damnit, you got me with the 'drink!'. These women sound motivated by the woes in society and are raging out against the inequality...but like some organizations, they too can cause trouble for others. Interesting premise, well done!