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The Iron Ring

The iron ring is not your ordinary criminal organization. While most criminal organization are illegal, and officially the public enemy, Iron ring is a bit more complicated. They are a well known and officially established organization. They do everything from manufacturing goods, trading, mercenaries service and are highly involved in politics. However, they also operates various gambling shack, black markets, poaching operations, slavery and many more. However, considering how "big" their influence is on both economic and political aspect in the continent, they are virtually untouchable.


The Iron Ring is led by a powerful individual titled the Godfather. Acting as the patriarch of the organization, the Godfather control everything within the organization. The front face of the Iron Ring is a non-profit organization providing volunteers mercenary for people in need. This facade organization does not accept payment for the service they offered.   For the legal aspects of the organization, everything is run by the usual guy. For example, a trading corporation will be led by a master merchant, a mercenary group will be led by a captain, and so on. However all these leaders at one point of the business, should report to the Godfather even though it is not formally or officially known that the business they led are owned by the Godfather.   For the Illegal aspect of the organization, such as black market, poaching operations and gambling, there are individual title the Underboss, that oversee the business and report directly to the Godfather.   When a Godfather dies, the leadership is passed onto his eldest son just like a king would appoint an heir to the throne. However, it is not rare that during these transitional period, fraction of the organization might start a revolt in attempt to take over the organization, however due to the size of the organization and so many loyal members to the main family, the title of Godfather had always been held by the Wollow Family.

Public Agenda

The Iron Ring never aims to take over the government. For them it is too inconvenient. They prefer to attach themselves to existing government and "drive" the world behind the wheel. They are a wild card that does not really fall into good or bad side of things, but rather they aim to control everything.


The Iron Ring owns hundreds of businesses and guilds all across the continent. It is almost impossible to measure their wealth.
Illicit, Syndicate

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