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Shade organization is the most notorious criminal ring. It is found on each continent. On Efren there are many different fractions of the Shade. For the most part they get along but there are some groups that occasionally have fights, which usually involves innocents being hurt or killed. On Owhau there is only one Shade with different divisions across the continent. There have been some huge battles and city-states fighting each other, which is believed to have been groups of Shade fighting. Lafliuton also has many different factions of Shade but keep away from each other. The within Shade fighting on Lafliuton does not bother those unaffiliated with Shade. On Nucrana there are several towns closer to the mountains that are controlled by the Shade, the republics have no control over them and it creates problems with the Shifters in the mountains and their trade agreements. Twice a year all Shade fractions or groups meet on Owhau in the town of Dewwell. Their meeting is not broadcasted and meeting location is kept secret. Even with a combined military help from each kingdom, goverment, and republics from each continents they can’t find or take Shade out it continues to frustrate the leaders and cause fear in residents. Many times if there is a murder or a especially difficult heist that has been committed most people automatically believe it has been done by Shade or because the person was involved in Shade. They are known for pulling off what other consider impossible heists. They have stolen several priceless artifacts on Efren. Those artifacts are then later found on any of the other continents. They have killed off some of the most importune leaders in the world. Some believe it was Shade that lead to the long war between Efren and Nucrana which cause the destruction of the bridges. They are also known for killing off the two people who had found the darkest Ferrine.

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