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The Black Dragon

An extremely elusive group of assassins and thieves, where secrecy comes before all else. While usually far from the public eye, their clashes with The Undercourt in recent years have brought unwanted attention to them. Their exact numbers are unknown but they have a wide reach across most of Gracia.   For most, all that is known about the Black Dragon is that they are exceptionally skilled at what they do, never failing to achieve their secret goals. For those with ties to the criminal underworld, there are rumors of three members whose skills are unmatched: The Crow, The Serpent, and The Hound. But what goes unknown to nearly all is that there are no such members; rather these are the names of three separate groups operating within the Black Dragon.   The Black Dragon maintains a strict hierarchy, though it is one unknown to many - even its own members. To protect itself, the Black Dragon greatly limits how much is known by any one person. The lowest-ranked members may only ever interact with a handful of their peers and only a single superior. Members at this level may not be aware of the true nature of the Crow, Serpent, and Hound until they have proven themselves and are recruited into one of the three groups.


At the head of the organization is the Black Dragon, though nothing more is known about them. Below them are the leaders of the Crow, Hound, and Serpent, but the organization beyond that is unclear. The Black Dragon takes great pains to keep all things secret.

Public Agenda

The Black Dragon seeks to amass wealth, though to what end is unknown.
Black Dragon Mark
The mark of the Black Dragon, found scrawled in chalk on a wall.
Guild, Assassins
Subsidiary Organizations

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