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The Smiling Toms

The Smiling Toms are a gang of thieves and cutthroats known for dealing in almost any sort of illegal activity, including political corruption. Its unknown how they got their start or even where in Jorra their homebase is but those who know about them know they have stronger connections in the countries of Cinteve than in others.   There are two very distinct features about the Smiling Toms.   The first is that when on a job members of the guild always wear a simple white bandanna with jagged black lines zig-zagging across the breadth of it like sharpened teeth. This gives the first part of the gangs name to them "Smiling" as the bandannas give off an eerie look to those not in the gang. These bandannas are badges of pride among the gang members showing their loyalty as only those who have proven themselves are allowed to wear it, everyone else is "Less than Tom."   The second feature of the gang ties heavily into why they are called the "Smiling Toms" which was not a name they took for themselves but one that was given to them by public perception. When on a job the Toms will only ever refer to each other by the moniker of "Tom". This does not seem to trouble the Toms themselves in any way as they always seem to understand who is being referred to when one talks to another. Scholars who have studied the group (before said scholars inevitable disappearance) believe it to be some sort of magical communication veil though they are unsure exactly how it works. Regardless this makes identifying members of the Toms without their masks difficult between both the face concealing bandanna and the perfect usage of the moniker Tom potentially anyone could be Tom. Even you....



Public Agenda

The Smiling Toms are believed to be in it for profit above all else.

"Hello, Tom"

Illicit, Gang
Alternative Names
The Smilers, The Toms


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