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The Thieves' Consortium

The Theives' Consortium, or just the Consortium as it is sometimes known, has stood longer than most organizations in all of the Realms. A collection of loosely organized thieves, who for the most part look out for each other, steal as no other is cappable. The greatest thieves eventually join if just to share stories with someone who won't turn you in and many aspiring thieves look to join for training and experience. Lead by the Great Thief Gods, and the mysterious figure that guides them, the Thieves' Consortium will steal whatever someone wants.


The Thieves' Consortium is a multitiered orginization run by three gods and the greatest thief of all time. Most, even with in the Consortium, believe it is ran by the three gods, Goth, Hazz the Unscrupulous, and Riddle. All claim the domain of thievery and all are worshiped on all of the Mortal Realms by those who make their trade outside of the law. The Consortium, as it is sometimes called, is ran by local thieves of various species on all of the Realms. The structure is different per realm but all have one thing in common, it is skill that determines a members rank. Above the local to Realm management lies the Heralds and Hands. These two orginizations handle anything that must be done between the realms or in multiple. The Hands is made up in bulk by those thieves who work on a level to need to travel frequently between Realms. The other side of the Hand, often called the Left Hand, is dedicated to punishing those whose actions acquire the ire of the Great Thief Gods, as well as those who need their life stolen yet live at a level above what one might accomplish for a local segment of the Consortium. The Heralds have the most important and often least appreciated job in the Consortium, keeping it going. This means mostly administration and recruitment.

Public Agenda

The Thieves' Consortium is well known on all of the Realms and as such has but one public agenda, to steal. Some on the local level of the Realms think they are a organization bent on spreading chaos or dissension on their realm but such things are only conjecture.


Anything of value may be owned by the Consortium. Most famously was when a member managed to steal Ithicayn's Warpstone from a god. The mortal has been a hero of the Consortium ever since, even if he didn't survive the first use of the Warpstone. The Warpstone has since been sold and no longer resides in the hands of the Thieves' Consortium.   Other things that the Consortium find as assets are the various head quarters of each branch. Most important of those are the Herald's Rest, found in the Realm of Truth, and the Hand's Hideout, found in the Realm of Fiction. Only those who work as Heralds and Hands know the location of those bases, and at time even those in the know can not find the Hand's Hideout thanks to the Realm of Fictions unstable nature.


None is certain when the Consortium was created. The Great Thief Gods all disagree as to when, though all agree that it was together that they formed the Consortium. Still they are certain it has been over ten thousand years.

What is valued can not be owned. Nothing is without value.

Guild, Thieves
Alternative Names
The Consortium
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