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The Veil

"The Armitage!" roared the mustached man, slamming his hand on the table to mark each sentence. "The spear-bearers would lick those knife-throwing halflings in a second!"
"Pfft!" The short man snorted, "The Stalwart haven't been defeated. Ever! They're the best in the goddamn world, no mistake!"
"Well, what good are they against magic, eh? Ambrose and the rest of the Wondercrest would turn them all into toads, so your Stalwarts ain't nothing!"
The debate continued as the pair ordered more rounds, and Kazimir watched them both, waiting until the number of patrons in the Greenmeadow Vale's taproom grew to the right size. Once the crowd was large enough, and the pair drunk enough, he made his move. Once around to swipe their purses, empty them into his own, and then around again to put them back. Child's play.
Normally he would leave the scene, but these fools were entertaining, and Kaz really wanted to find out who the best organization in the world was. Eventually the pair reached the end of their debate, deciding that the Black Scepter mercenaries had enough might, magic, and moxie to take on the whole world by themselves. As they reached for their purses to pay for their drinks, each turned red with anger as they pulled out a single playing card marked with the letter 'v'.
"The fucking Veil!"


The Grandmaster

The most powerful person in the Veil, and the one responsible for directing the Council. No decision the council makes can be implemented without the signature of the Grandmaster, and no order of the Grandmaster's can be carried out without a decision from the council. The current Grandmaster is Trillo Farbaron.

The Council

The Council of the Veil consists of seven members of the Veil. They can be of any rank, but traditionally seats are filled by the four House heads and three members from outside Sintar.

The Houses

The four Houses of the Veil divide its members into specialties. The House of Quiet has the most members, and consists of generic thieves, burglars and pickpockets. The House of Smiles welcomes grifters and swindlers. The House of Silence provides security for thieves on high-risk jobs, and internal housekeeping where necessary. Members of the House of Knowledge specialize in reconnaissance and infiltrating organizations.

Public Agenda

The main goal of the Veil is simply to increase the wealth of all its members. By banding together, a group of thieves can tackle a job that one of them could not complete alone, and an entire organization can amass a staggering amount of wealth. Every move the Veil makes furthers that end. Secondary objectives include:
  • Avoid Detection. The best thief is the one who can finish a job without anyone knowing she was there, and the Veil encourages perfection in its members. As an organization, the Veil jealously guards the location of its headquarters and safe houses from any who are not part of the organization.
  • Eliminate the Competition. The Veil is the only game in town in Sintar, and they try as hard as possible to incriminate, eliminate, or recruit the competition wherever they have a presence.
  • A Finger in Every Pie. If it's good to be the best at one thing, then it's even better the be the best at all things. The Veil makes it a priority to recruit specialists in every area of thievery, and to make sure that whatever illicit activities need doing, the best person for the job works for the Veil.

Veiled in Shadow

Guild, Thieves
Alternative Names
Shadow Thieves, Card Thieves
Controlled Territories
Notable Members

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16 Jul, 2018 03:16

I really like the excerpt at the beginning of the article! It really shows me how this organization fits into the world so that the rest of your article can focus on the nuts and bolts. Does the veil employ any assassins or does it only work and thievery and espionage?

16 Jul, 2018 08:29

The House of Silence does kill people, but they don't take outside contracts. They do the dirty work that needs doing so more thievery and espionage can happen. I should probably create a page for each House and link to them that section. Thanks for the help!

16 Jul, 2018 04:13

I like the division in the ranks, really well organized. Do they have plans to move outside of Greenmeadow Vale? Just curious how far their influence stretches. Great Job!

16 Jul, 2018 08:25

I haven't figured that out yet, but when I do I'll be sure to include it. Thanks!

Sage malkuthe
Malkuthe Highwind
16 Jul, 2018 04:28

This is an excellent start! I'd love to know more about this organization. There're just enough details here to whet the appetite, but I have to say that I'm left wanting to know more. Is there a particular grandmaster that's been divisive in the group's history? Does the council play political games, and how do those games affect the organization as a whole? Has there ever been a motion put forward before the council that they just absolutely refused to hear — even if it was a good proposal?

16 Jul, 2018 08:23

All great questions that need answering, thanks for the inspiration! I'll keep editing and adding.