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The Crows


The guild has five roles/ranks --   The Guild Master (AKA: The Greybreaker): The leader of the guild, but no one knows their identity except for their five Lieutenants. They oversee major decisions for the guild.   The Lieutenants: At any given time there are five and they are the Guild Masters, most trusted comrades. They are responsible for recruiting new members and set up shop in the local taverns in dust town. They also rely the Guild Masters orders.   The Fence: They are your local shopkeepers for stolen goods. Most of the time there are two fences for every lieutenant. They keep an eye out for trouble and pass what they see onto the lieutenant.   The Members: Thieves who have passed the initiation and are now a regular guild member. They take on jobs and sometimes put promising people where the Lieutenants can see. Sometimes they might have to do the menial jobs the initiates have to do if their running low.   The Initiates: The newest members of the Guild, who have not passed their initiation. They'll do menial jobs (Like errands and begging) for the guild until they've passed.

Public Agenda

Mostly their agenda to steal anything they can get their hands on and then sell it back at a much higher price.


The Crows have much wealth and equipment at their disposal. They also use the underbelly of Silvermere to get around.


Since the founding of the capital of Astayria the Crows have been there, they were founded by a lady known only as Red and since that day they have been the most influential criminal organization located in Silvermere.     When Civil War broke out the members of the guild backed the Silvergaurds to ensure they still had their seat of power.

In the shadows you won't be alone

Guild, Thieves
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