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General Dondor

General Dondor Fifth Spawn

"Imagine if you will, a good friend who fought beside you. Who saved your life countless times and pledged to protect your family and children like they their own. Then when their life was in danger and you stepped into save it, they slipped their blade between your shoulder." -A Dwarven warrior recounting General Dondor's betrayal and subsequent slaughter

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

His body reflects that of a body builder. Oread are generally not that much different physically, but as an promoted officer his body was divinely grown in size and strength. Making him at least a foot taller then others of his kind.

Identifying Characteristics

The stone skin of his fists and up to his forearms are permanently cracked with silver pooled into its crevices. On his left shoulder is Daeme's holy symbol of a sword with a hammer for a pommel emblazoned on, and on his right shoulder is Mosa's symbol of a scroll sealed with a crown.

Specialized Equipment

As his favored weapons he uses twin iron gauntlets with raised protrusions on his knuckles. Preferring to get close and personal to deviate opponents with his strength and resilience.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Dondor was created, as all Oread were, in service to the gods. He was a simply footsoldier in the 29th Strike Battalion during the most of his deployment. Serving as on the front lines during the invasion of Forshoon during the Spell War and personally held the lines of the Molor Seed Grove against the Orc hoards. However he was thrust into a command position as the older soldiers, including those who were his commanding officers, began to suffer the effects of the Arcane Drought. He found himself put in command of his own battalion as the Forgotten War began to kick off. He soon defined himself in battle as a leader who lead from the front while also skillfully maneuvering his own forces. His decisive combat style steamrolled over weaker armies and outmaneuvered stronger ones. He earned himself promotion after promotion until he found himself leading the entire Oread Army as his fellow officers fell in combat. Dondor was the one who nearly brought the end to the Spell War at the Battle of the Frozen Plateau. Until his despicable betrayal of the gods. In the middle of the battle, the oread forces, at the orders of now General Dondor, ceased their assault against the enemy forces. He turned the tides of the war and stretched the war on for 15 additional years, siding with the enemies of the gods. On orders from their general the oread began merciless purging magic users and destroying any form of arcane artifacts they came upon. The deaths were brutal and fierce as the army began to sweep across the lands like raging fire, seeming possessed by a furious rage. All while Dondor himself led them forward. His conquest of destruction only ended when the dragons joined the war effort and annihilated the oread with their overwhelming power.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He was one of the few survivors of the Orcish assault on the Molor Seed Grove. Able to keep his fellow squad mates while holding a pass against hundreds of orcs. One of the survivors was also General Logada, who Dondo himself pulled out of the wreckage of a battle cart. He was recognized and given a blessing of stamina by the god Daeme even though he tried to refuse.   During the Spell War he was able to lead his squad deep into enemy territory and set fire to the invading elven landing point. Crippling their supply line and making it nearly impossible to escape. His assault was credited as a key part in fighting off the invading army and securing victory. He was given a blessing of foresight by Mosa even though he once again tired to refuse it.

Mental Trauma

After the Battle of the Frozen Plateau, Dondor was overcome by an obsession in the destruction of the arcane and its users. Performing needlessly painful executions to those practices he caught. This obsession seemed to catch with his troops, making them fight with pure rage. No one ever got close enough to Dondor to find out what prompted this change.
1696 2315
345 lb
Known Languages
Astral and Dwarven