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Romanov Luff

He was the last and most known emperor of The Empire.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

He was trained in the army during The Core Revolution, and fought as a commander. He saw the destruction of many worlds and probably the death of his whole family because of war, and even if he was not present in most of the battles, he still saw the horrors of war. He never got married neither childs, but he ascended in the power ladder until being in the counsellors of the previous emperor, the one who surrendered and lost the Core Revolution.   After years of peace, the emperor was dying, and he elected Luff to be the next one, and so it was. He was ascended to Emperor of The Empire and started making changes in the galaxy. The year he started ruling, The Empire only had 9 members, but he wanted that to change, as he started creating a strong military, which he used to invade and force to join other near planets into his magnificent empire.  


In less than a decade, The Empire had grown from 9 worlds to more than 30. He wanted more and more, but he started worrying people and diplomats. He refused all treaties or peace conferences, we was a warrior, not a diplomatic.   He then started to invade resourceful and strategically good worlds as he planed to attack The Core. The core previously was called Union of Associated Republics, and he hated it. They later changed the name to The Core, as all of the members were either in the geographic core of the galaxy or felt closer ethnically to it. We then started bombing civilian worlds, pacific systems without any thread, but soldiers as Eylya Haku started realizing they were doing things wrong. They rebelled and declared war on The Empire just before he attacked Yaith.  

Last years of The Empire

All went wrong from start, as many soldiers started attacking their ships and taking them as part of The Core fleet. Invasions, battles, but mostly dead were always close by. The war started to fail after some time. After 7 years of war, he finally got killed with his ship and all members of The Empire were asked gently to join The Core. Most of them did, as his mighty empire was losing in all fronts as also as the faith of the people in The Empire itself.

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