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The Lady Fianoich

Lady Fianoich (a.k.a. The White Queen)

No winter gale nor lake iced over could match the chill that lay in the gaze of the Lady Fianoich. There was no life in them, no color, no hint of joy or sadness. Just the feeling that her gaze cut through you and found you wanting.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The Fae known to mortals as the Lady Fianoich is believed to be as old as the world itself, if not a little older. She is accounted as one of the most ancient of the Fae, from even before the Fey and mortal world were divided. However, she has never spoken of that era, so little can be inferred from such small accounts. It is known that she has stayed loyal to the Winter-Queen, even if not to the Winter-King, although why that is, nobody can discern.   Her first appearance to mortals was in the earliest days of human settlement in the isles when she spent a winter with them, learning of their ways, and realizing the power that she could wield over them. It was in this time that the mortals called her Fianoich, or Lady of the Winter Court, for they could see that she was cold and embraced the fury of winter with a mad relish that disturbed the far more vulnerable humans.   After that, she disappeared for centuries, and reappeared for a brief time before the second Faen war, seeking a valiant warrior to be her champion. Whether or not she succeeded, history does not record. She appeared several more times in the ensuing centuries, but made little impact on the world until the Aelithi Conquest.   When the Aelithi began their invasion of the isles in earnest, Fianoich appeared to their leader (May his name be forgotten), and made a deal with him, promising to harness the power of winter to aid them. Why Fianoich decided to side with them, none can speculate, but perhaps it was simply because she was bored with the current state of affairs. After the conclusion of the invasion, she vanished once more into the Fey and was never seen again.


Fianoich is one of the hand-maidens to the Winter-Queen, consort to the Winter-King. She attends to the Queen when she is desired, but otherwise, is left to her own mischief and her own devices. With that, she spends most of her time honing her skills at glamour and manipulating mortal events for her amusement.

Morality & Philosophy

Reality revolves around Fianoich. She is the most important person in her life, and save for her loyalty to the Winter-Queen, nothing else begins matters. All others are either rivals or potential sources of amusement. As an immortal, she has no needs and seeks to fill her life with what pleasures that she can find, even as it grows more and more difficult as times passes, and she becomes even more jaded.


Social Aptitude

She uses glamour freely to enchant mortals, but she is also an excellent conversationalist, flirt, and very elegantly poised. Many consider her the embodiment of social graces.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lady of the Winter Court Lady of Winter Snow Queen
The Fey
The eyes of the Lady Fianoich are purest white, with no hint of pupil or iris. Despite that, her gaze is unseeingly piercing, and she can see perfectly.
As white as her eyes, her hair is fine and wispy, and always seems to move on its own, as if gusted about by a wind of its own, or perhaps like the mist of ice-particles blown up by a breeze.


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