Isles of Laeonesse

The mariner cling to the prow of the ship as waves hurled the small craft up and down. Salty droplets clung to his beard and burned his eyes, but he blinked it away. The journey had taken them west, chasing a dream and a legend. A shape hovered on the horizon, darker green than the endless rolls of waves.   He shaded his eyes with his hand. It was true. Far ahead, he could make out the outline of stationary clouds and unmoving waves. The isles of Laeonesse!


The archipelago is composed of four large islands and countless smaller islets scattered along their coasts and between the larger ones. Mountain ranges form the spines of the different islands and often run into the sea, carrying a line of smaller islets across to the next island.   Springs and rivers run down from the mountains into the ocean and into various lakes that dot the landscape.   The archipelago is several weeks sailing away from the mainland continents.


  • Map of The Isles of Laeonesse

    The archipelago of Laeonesse in the early days of the world, when Fae and mortal dwelt together, and before the Faen War that changed the shape of the isles and the mountains.

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