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When the world was still young and unwearied by existence, Fae and humans lived side by side, dwelling in the Blessed Isles of Laeonesse. These islands were lush and rich, cared for by the Fae for untold years as they created a paradise to mimick their Fey realm.   And then the humans came, searching these fabled island. First in small parties and then as settlers, living beneath Fae Lords. Yet the ambition of mortals is unmatched and they began to carve out their own kingdoms and sought less for the paradise of the Fae, but to flee other places and build new lives. They intermingled with the Fae and gained the ability to harness the Awen of the world around them, shaping it to their needs and dreams.   They brought their wars and their conflicts with them, carving out small kingdoms with gold and iron, pushing the Fae further and further away into the folds of reality, until they began to fade into myth and legend, often unwillingly as Faen courts strive to secure their kingdoms and their power.   Originally, this was an idea for a 5e D&D campaign that grew out of Cubicle 7’s Keltia setting. I preferred lower magic settings and I enjoyed the lore of Faerie, mixed with Arthur. So, as all these combined, it led to Laeonesse