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Varkesh the Glutton

Warlord Varkesh Marrow-splitter (a.k.a. The gluttonous)

Within the hills just within the Northern twilight line rules Varkesh the warlord. In his youth he was a fierce and proud warrior displaying colossal strength, even for a half-orc. However, with age comes decrepitude, and now Varkesh is as gluttonous as he is cruel. Feasting in his small palace high in the hill tops, his soldiers raid passing caravans for food and luxuries, all to be consumed by their corpulent leader.   Though normally only a minor irritation, on occasion his greed has exceeded his grasp, and his actions have had major repercussions for the people of Errilor.   Once, when Varkesh was particularly hungry, he demanded that the next caravan to pass through should be stripped of their mounts, which were to be cooked in a huge banquet for his generals. The horde of barbarians sent out on this mission spotted a large caravan in the distance, and laid in wait. When they sprung their trap, they were somewhat surprised to be confronted with a small group of trained human soldiers. Unfortunately, even trained steel is little use against a gang of blood-lusted half-orcs.   When the travellers had been slaughtered, the gang searched through their goods. Each pack was filled to the brim with food, rations and healing potions and salves. Spending no time to question why armed soldiers would be guarding supplies such as these, the horde returned to their master, eager to present the good news to him.   Meanwhile, a starving and beleaguered army, tried desperately to hold out against the elven war machine. They had defended their homes, pressed back against the elven tide, but without supplies they were growing tired and weak. A few days later, their stomachs empty and aching, the last humans were eradicated from the newest corner or the Elven Realm.
Year of Birth
Once fiery orange, now a pale yellow
Black uncombed hair streaks down from his thinning scalp

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