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  Wondering the cosmos for eternity consumed with a desire to destroy, Noldrin had long since grown bored with the vast emptiness. When Esyae proposed they create a world together Noldrin jumped at the chance, provided that one day he be allowed to destroy their creation. Upon signing the pact, he joined Esyae in bending his will to the creation of Caeda.   When Caedenya appeared upon the completion of the planet Noldrin hardly noticed, only to note that it felt strange to create rather than destroy. He was pretty sure that he did not like the feeling.  

Father of Monsters and Dark Elves

  After seeing Esyae create plants and animals with their daughter, and then Esyaes success with the creation of the Elves, Noldrin grew jealous. He began to experiment with creating life on his own. However his ability to create was limited and his creations were monstrous in nature. With each failure though he learned more and more. Eventually he succeeded and created the Dark Elves.   While he had let each previous failure go out into the world to spread havoc and attack the Elves at will, his Dark Elves he kept hidden below the surface of the earth. Hoping to use them to achieve the destruction he so craved, he let them spend many generation building their numbers in safety and learning how to use magic and weapons to kill to great effect.  

God of Strife

  Eventually he deemed the time right and he unleashed the multitudes of Dark Elves, showing them to the surface of Caeda where they were now free to wage war on the Elves. For the first few decades of the war he was content to sit back and revel in the destruction. However, when he saw Esyae step in to turn the tide he also stepped to wage war, reminding Esyae that she had promised to allow this to happen.   When the destructive power brought by the warring gods reached a crescendo, their daughter appeared between them and demanded a truce be brokered. Deciding that he would enjoy the destruction more when the world was more fully developed he agreed to the truce but decided to needle Esyae in the process by telling Cadenya of their first pact.  

Patience in Silence

  For now Noldrin is content to sit back and watch the various races war with each other. Biding his time, and planning for the day when he will destroy Caeda.

Divine Domains

Chaos and Destruction

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity


Accomplishments & Achievements

Noldrin believes that his idea to acquiesce to the second pact in order to wait for a more developed world to destroy was an act of pure genius.

Failures & Embarrassments

Noldrin is embarrassed that he enjoyed creating the Dark Elves and the monsters of Caeda. He justifies it to himself that he will use them to destroy the world one day.



Daughter (Important)

Towards Noldrin




Father (Trivial)

Towards Caedenya




Noldrin, as in all things, wishes to eventually destroy Caedenya. That she is his daughter means nothing to him. Knowing this now, Caedenya is working to thwart her fathers desires.


Reluctant Partner (Important)

Towards Noldrin




Partner (Trivial)

Towards Esyae




Esyae needed Noldrin's assistance to create Caeda. However to get him to assist she had to agree to one day let him destroy the world. Now her love for Caedenya drives her to oppose Noldrin.

Date of Birth
Before the beginning of time
Divine Classification
The Cosmos
Known Languages

Character Portrait image: Dark elf by Kseronarogu


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