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Created by Esyae, the goddess of creation (Neutral Good), and Noldrin , god of destruction (chaotic neutral), Caeda is a young planet with recorded (Elvish) history of about 10,000 years.   Dominated by the Elves, children of Esyae. Caeda is a powder keg ready to errupt. The Elves who, after "defeating" the dark elves, now control the known world and dominate the "lesser" species of Drawves, Gnomes, Halflings, and Humans. Full of hauty arrogance, the Elves believe that they are the true species of Caeda and fear the rise of any other species.   While explicitly forbidden from destroying the other species, the Elves do everything in their power to prevent them from advancing. From frequent "purges" to occasional whole sale slaughter they keep the populations in check.   While other races do exist they are (at least in the known part of the world) exceedingly rare as the Elves generally tend to kill them on site. And while the lesser races to have the ability to wield magic, it is again exceedingly rare as the Elves actively search out and kill non Elven magic users.   Is it possible that these lesser races can overcome their Elvish oppressors? Can they overcome their own prejudices for each other to work together to do so?