Pre History

  Floating endlessly through the great expanse for countless eons, Esyae grew tired of contemplating her own existence. Eventually deciding that she needed to create new life to give meaning to her own. Knowing that creating life on the scale she desired would also require the power to destroy (a power she could not bring herself to use) she struck a bargain with her celestial cousin Noldrin to create the world of Caeda .   While she knew she would one day grow to regret agreeing to let Noldrin destroy Caeda eventually, she nearly forgot about it upon Caedas completion and the birth of her daughter Caedenya. Immediately going to work helping her daughter grow and begin the process of creating plant and animal life. Eventually she left her daughter to continue that work while she began to create the Elves.  

Mother of Elves

  Soon after creating the Elves and seeing them struggle to gain a foothold in this new world she granted them magic to ease their suffering and make it easier to tame the wilds. Eventually monsters created by Noldrin began to appear, attacking her children so she relented and granted them access to the arcane as well. She also created the Metallic Dragons to aid the Elves in their struggles with the monstrous hordes.   After Noldrin succeeded in creating the Dark Elves she viewed them as a horrible corruption of her precious children. After they attacked and began to slay the Elves she stepped in to repel their onslaught. This of course drew Noldrin in and soon the two gods could be seen attacking each other directly causing immense levels of destruction across the face of the world.  

Repentant Mother

  Feeling the pain being inflicted upon her surface by her warring parents, Caedenya stepped in their path and forced a brokered peace. During a heated exchange in the negations, Noldrin revealed to Caedenya, for the first time, that her mother had agreed to let him eventually destroy her.   Seeing the pain of betrayal on her daughters face, Esyae broke a little inside. Afterwords she did everything she could to heal the rift with her daughter but was unable to succeed. When her Elves begain slaughtering Caedenyas children, Esyae was eager to step in and stop the action hoping it would bring reconciliation with Caedenya. Unfortunately it did not have the desired affect, while she was able to prevent the slaughter she could not stop the nearly as brutal subjugation.   Still she struggles to repair the bond with her daughter.

Divine Domains

Life and Creation

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

Esyae's pride and joy are her creations, the world of Caeda, her daughter Caedenya, and her children the Elves.

Failures & Embarrassments

Esyae was mortified when Noldrin revealed to their daughter Caedenya that they had agreed before her creation that Noldrin would one day get to destroy her. Esyae had planned to never tell her daughter this and just enjoy the time that she could spend with her.

Mental Trauma

When Esyae saw the look of horror on her daughters fate when she learned of the first pact, Esyea broke a little inside. She has never fully recovered from this.

Personality Characteristics


Since the signing of the second pact, Esyae's only goal has been to rebuild her relationship with her daughter Caedenya .



Daughter (Vital)

Towards Esyae




Mother (Vital)

Towards Caedenya




After learning that her mother agreed to let her father eventually destroy her, Caedenya is no longer on speaking terms with her mother.


Reluctant Partner (Important)

Towards Noldrin




Partner (Trivial)

Towards Esyae




Esyae needed Noldrin's assistance to create Caeda. However to get him to assist she had to agree to one day let him destroy the world. Now her love for Caedenya drives her to oppose Noldrin.

Date of Birth Before the beginning of time
Divine Classification
Goddess of Life and Creation
The Cosmos
Gender Identity
Known Languages

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