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The Dragon Prince Veringalikstagor (a.k.a. Vering)

Vering, the dragon prince violated the Elven Concordance that was signed after the second Dragon Imperium, and nearly got away with it. While the concordance prohibits dragons from founding nations and holding public office, Vering felt that was outdated and no longer relevant. After having discretely built up the nation of Hevogard he was in control of, he found and hid the ancient dragon-slaying weapons, and emerged as the public ruler. Other dragon's disagreed with his breaking on the concordance, however Vering gained control of two of the great dragon stones, and other dragons would not move openly against him.   Eventually several groups of special agents infiltrated and killed Vering after dinner one evening, ending his reign. The worry of many is that now that the concordance has been broken once, it is likely going to be broken again. His efforts led to additional reasons for the consolidation of the Minam Empire.

Physical Description

Body Features

Scales of a cloudy steely blue, spines and powerful wings. In human form the eyes and hair are cloudy blue and platinum blond respectively.

Mental characteristics

Mental Trauma

Is strangely afraid of dolls, and will destroy them on sight.

Morality & Philosophy

A follower of the dragon god Diminivatorlan (Dimiv), he feels that accepting the ancient concordance is weakness, and all races should bow to the dragons. He refutes the great game as a pale shadow in comparison to the right of all dragons to rule.

Personality Characteristics


Demands servitude and obedience from those that are lesser. Which includes all smaller creatures and most dragons.


Hobbies & Pets

He has a large retune of elves, humans, gnomes, dwarves and dragonborn. These pets he finds amusing and even sometimes helpful. Helpful like a dog that amuses you that is.

Wealth & Financial state

Extremely wealthy and powerful. Most of his wealth was distributed in various organizations, cache's and particularly hard to trace.

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