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Wickt Red, the Desert Snake

Warlord Unknown; is called by many prefers Wickt Red none Unknown (a.k.a. Sandshark, Red Death, the Desert Snake)

the Desert Snake, Sandshark, the Red Death, Wickt is known by many names and might have never had a real one. He is a monster after all. Out of all the great warlords Red is the only non-human. Malcolm is said to have a little elf in him and many think Reina half giant and everyone in the Monarchy thinks Calder a demon for killing the last Danitharn but Red is truly a monster. Red is a lizardfolk from Quor, though some say he’s a rogue dragonborn or even a dragon in disguise. Which ever it is Red is he marauds all over Quor, pillaging and taking what he wants. Still he isn’t savage and stupid. He knows that he can’t just burn everything to the ground. He has enslaved much of Quor’s inhabitants setting them to work gather resources. He controls nearly all the jashite mines and through his more economic minded human advisors he reaps massive income from that market. He is at odds Malcolm Krow, because he seeks the secret of firearms and he needs the gunpowder mines, and Calder Blackblood who rebuffs Red’s attempts to enter Mazrin and take land.

Physical Description

Body Features

Red scales cover Wickt Red's body

Identifying Characteristics

He is thought to have black tattoos covering his scales.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Almost nothing is known about the monster known as Wickt Red

Gender Identity

Presumed Male


Presumed Male

Accomplishments & Achievements

Killing every last Saantari mage left in Quor, apparently single-handedly as well

Failures & Embarrassments

His inability to push farther into Calder Blackblood's lands.

Mental Trauma

Because of his alien mind as a monster no one can even guess at the state, or stability, of Wickt Red's mind.

Intellectual Characteristics

Ruthless, cunning, and a killing machine. Wickt Red's monstrous side is keep in check only by his more level-headed attendants.

Morality & Philosophy

Not much is known about Wickt Red's philosophies but his morality is firmly placed in the red: he'll kill, steal, cheat, and torture to get what he needs which is apparently everything.


None what so ever.
Circumstances of Birth
Presumed male
Pale red, reptilian
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Red scales
Known Languages
Common, Drael, and Kazar

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