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Ivan Piaff

Lord Ivan Piaff

I was once the lord's trusted aide. At least, that's what I had thought. It sickens me to know that I was only a pawn in his evil plots.
— Marco Lidell

Physical Description

Special abilities

Blood Tribute
It is unknown how he managed to gain access to the forbidden magic, perhaps he was a carrier of the Krsiljudi bloodline, but he used this magic extend his life by taking the lives of others.

Apparel & Accessories

Ivan was always dressed in the most exquisite apparel and kept with the latest trends. With a whole city worth of items in his possession constantly increasing, it would have been strange if he was unable to look the part of a wealthy city lord.

Specialized Equipment

Moira's Star
With this artifact, he was able to put up a complex array of illusions that fooled hundreds of thousands of people.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

After being forcibly discharged from Njirralde's military force at the age of 23 due to 'misconduct and a mindset unbefitting of a protector of the people', Ivan Piaff moved to a small farming village. With his superior education, he soon became the head of the village after the village elder's passing. With the village under his command, he began to grow the village into a trading city.   It is unknown when he managed to get his hands on Moira's Star, whether he was the one who stole it before the auction or if he got it from someone else, and if his plans in the village were done with the artifact in mind. But eventually, it came to be that he used the village to illegally extend his lifespan with Moira's Star providing a cover for his evil deeds.   Using the Moira's Star to cover the village in a web of illusions, he began to conduct forbidden magic to steal the lifespan of others and convert it into his own. As the people died he would be left with their belongings. At first, he was able to store it all in his storage ring, and then over several storage artifacts. Eventually, he decided to make use of the resources as he had no real use for them himself.   Selecting a few people to spare from the forbidden magic, he kept them under the illusions and had them initiate trades with neighboring villages. Over the years, as the trading increased, so did the people who visited the village and the city grew in size. But he began to notice that people perceived the city differently, that the illusion was not stable and what people saw shifted over time. To mend this, Piaff had some people construct rough outlines of the building along simple streets. The illusion conformed to this rough structure and the number of discrepancies decreased. Eventually, the city grew to a large enough size that the large use of illusion and forbidden magics alarmed the surrounding Skeljudi. Although they tried to draw attention to it, nobody could understand the meaning behind their song of The Voice of the Wind and so Piaff's deeds went unnoticed for over a hundred years. Somehow, The Voice of the Wind managed to reach an ancient beast. On the night the 23rd of Rassek, 1142, it beheaded Piaff during a ceremony he had hosted to commemorate the city's alliance with the city of Innioko and dispelled the illusion.   After that incident, authorities looked into the matter and discovered what he had been doing. He was marked as a heinous villain post-mortem and though they did not know what beast had saved them, many people thanked it for stopping his evil.
Year of Death
1142 A.K.
Light brown
Sleek, blond


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