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Nathan Stack (a.k.a. Mandroid)

For the longest time, next to nothing was known about the murderous robot known simply as "Mandroid." He seemingly appeared out of thin air one day and almost immediately began cutting a large swath of destruction. After days of trying to contain him, he disappeared without a trace. Now, decades later, he has resurfaced under unusual circumstances and a startling revelation has been made: the machine was once a man, and he plans to atone for what he's done.

Physical Description

Body Features

Entire body composed of "organic metal," internal organs replaced with mechanical contraptions

Facial Features

Face lacks any features except for eyes

Special abilities

Possesses enhanced strength and durability

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Life

From what little has been gathered about Mandroid's past, he will be born Nathan Stack in the year 2410. At some point during his adult life, a techno-organic virus outbreak spread across the planet, turning animal species into mechanical life forms. At some point, the virus became so out of control that its effects became irreversible. Nathan was apparently part of a team that planned to utilize black hole-based time travel to go back and stop the outbreak from occurring.


The exact details are unknown, but Nathan successfully travelled back in time. Unfortunately, there were two problems: First, he landed in 1969, a few hundred years prior to his original destination; and second, he was unknowingly carrying the virus inside of him, and the trip accelerated its growth to the point that he'd been completely roboticisized when he arrived. The transformation also left him unable to speak, meaning attempts to reach out for help were almost completely futile.


Whether driven insane from loneliness, the virus affecting his mind, or some combination of factors, Nathan began attacking anything and everything in sight. Over the course of the next few days, he left a trail of destruction through much of America's west coast. Law enforcement, military forces, and even active superheroes were at a loss as to how to deal with this mechanical monstrosity the media had dubbed "Mandroid."


Eventually, Nathan ran into a super soldier turned vigilante known simply as G.I. The two did battle all the way up to the Alaskan Coast, but both disappeared shortly thereafter, presumed dead after weeks of searching turned up nothing.

Gender Identity




Mental Trauma

Suffers from PTSD and psychosis


Social Aptitude

Very reserved and taciturn with a flat affect. When he does communicate, it's often in a blunt and to-the-point manner. Currently unknown if mannerisms are natural or a side effect of roboticisation.


His condition has left him incapable of speech, and he must rely on other means of communication
Year of Birth
2442 -425 Years old
Current Residence
Washington, D.C.
Assigned male at birth
Glowing red (formerly blue)
None (formerly black)
500 lbs.
Known Languages
English, sign language

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