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Lord of Ironfang Glacialstorm

The most infamous dragon in all of Dracora's history.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To devour everything living.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A dragon of water and earth, he was of average size and in good health for most of his life. A little chubby after awhile due to gluttony, but still able to hold his own in a fight. He relied more on stealth, magic, and knowledge rather than brawn or speed.

Body Features

(while alive) Countershaded scales, black on top with a pale belly. Bat wings, a row of sharp spines down his back.   (after undeath') Nothing left but bones. Inside his chest is a mass of dark energy which seems to suck up all light and heat.

Facial Features

He has forward facing horns on his head like those of a bull.

Special abilities

(while alive) Ice breath, a venomous bite, natural control over magic   (after undeath) Life drain, can still use magic but lashes out with it, causing random, often nasty effects. This resulted in the creation of a number of magical illness and curses.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to the ruling family of god-kings in the mountain city of Ironfang, Glacialstorm was raised to be next in line for the throne. While his parents ruled well and were respected (not beloved, but not hated either), he thought they didn't take their job far enough. He ruled with an iron claw upon taking the throne, using illusions and trickery to enhance his beast subjects belief in his godhood.   The other gods-blooded within the city liked him at first, but even they eventually realized that he was a tyrant. The beast population was terrified of him, although there were a few who were more in awe than fear, and genuinely adored him. These latter beasts would eventually found the cult known as the Dragonslayers of Nex.   He was known to keep a harem of concubines and fathered many children, though he never took a queen. One of his sons, an elephant half-blood called Longtusk the Scaled, eventually lead a revolt against Glacialstorm which resulted in the disastrous short-lived War for Ironfang and a failed coup attempt.   Afterwards, Glacialstorm became obsessed with finding a way to truly become godly and immortal. Eventually, after many horrific experiments, he discovered a foul ritual to transfer his soul into a special container for safe keeping and became an undead lich.   Hiding his phylactery away, he lived for many centures, and it seemed as if nothing could harm him, despite several more subtle attempts on his life. This only increased the fear and worship that was held by his subjects.   When he had reached what shoild have been the end of his life, he simply continued on. But immortality carne with a high price, as his body decayed, so did his mind. The transformation had not been perfect.   His kingdom fell around him, with most of the people fleeing. Only his most loyal beast followets remained, seeking to cure whatever maddness had taken their "god", or else to avenge him.   Glacialstorm was no more, and he became known as the Nex.

Gender Identity




Accomplishments & Achievements

Dracora's first and only lich. The stuff of nightmares for centuries to come. The main cause of a major war. The (currently) inescapable doom of all life on Dracora.

Failures & Embarrassments

Created a way to become immortal, but forgot to include a way to have enteral youth.

Mental Trauma

He was eventually driven insane by his spell as his mind and body decayed with age even while his soul survived.
Divine Classification
Demon (In Beast myth.)
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
In public: Lord of Ironfang, God-King of Ironfang, The Terrible, The Cruel, The Glorious, The Iron-Scaled, Majesty, etc.   In private and never within range of his hearing: The Foul Tempered, The Gluttonous, The Fat, The Heartless, The Monster, etc.
Current Residence
The Labyrinth of Apocolypse
(While alive) Sea green with slit pupils. Commanding, haughty, and greedy. (After undeath) Hollow pits of darkness which seem as if they could suck out your very soul. There is no light or life there, only endless hunger.
100 feet long
(while alive) 200 tons
Known Languages
Fluent in High Common (the language used between all Gods-Blooded), and the Arctic Sea dialect of Draconic. Took steps to learn Beast Common after a failed coup attempt against him.

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