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Dorakh Mul

Dorakh Mul

There are few figures that loom as large in the minds of the Dokhar people as Dorakh Mul, who called himself the Lord of All the Sea, who his enemies called the Lord of Pirates, and who is remembered by history as one of the Enthroned Shadow's foremost lieutenants. They stories and legends that have sprung up around him among the Dokhar, and those people influenced by them, are rife with exaggeration, and even misinformation, of his abilities and his character. He is painted as a vile creature, overrun by pride, greed, and ambition, having sought to command the tide across the world to slake his won ego. Reality often resists simplicity, of course, so it is dubious how accurate this picture is, but he has made no particular effort to correct it, so we are left to ponder the distortions that time and tide have made of him.   There are, however, detailed records of how his contemporaries reacted to him. Principally, in the formation of the Dokhar League. Those citizens of the Empire of the Sea who survived the destruction of Lo Dokh were shocked by his ambitions—whatever the veracity of the legends, it does seem he really meant to subjugate the tide under his sole control. Seemingly as a reaction, the government they formed after the War of Shadow, the Dokhar League, was remarkably decentralized, with member states having a considerable degree of autonomy. Furthermore, the Order of the Unceasing Tide all but abandoned teachings and techniques regarding considerable influence over the ocean, and permitted its priests to guide ships possessed by non-Dokhar individuals.   Acting as one of the lieutenants of the Enthroned Shadow, he challenged the mighty navy of the Empire of the Sea with a fleet of guerilla raiders and gargantuan ocean beasts. What's more, by all accounts, coupled with the many victories his allies were achieving on land sapping the strength of his primary opponents, he was very close to total victory. It was only with the destruction of the Enthroned Shadow that he was forced to concede the war.
— from To Rule The Waves: The Dokhar Diaspora, by Andoloros Bag Dolmoron

Divine Domains

Piracy, The Deep Ocean, and Sea Monsters

Holy Books & Codes

As one of the former lieutenants of the Enthroned Shadow, any and all worship of Dorakh Mul regards the holy book of Vassar, the Borregan Lothok.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

The usurpation of the tide, so as to break the reliance of motion upon unceasing rhythm.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Dorakh Mul is a towering figure, with limbs that are longer than they should be. He is strong, with winding, corded muscles.

Body Features

Dorakh Mul's hair is cropped short, and despite its black color is thick with salt. His dark skin is leathery, worn by the sun, and rough also with salt—meager enough to not be seen, but very present.

Physical quirks

Dorakh Mul possesses particularly long limbs, giving him a long reach, and a longer stride.

Special abilities

Dorakh Mul practices an unconventional variant of the Andokh Ren. Whereas usual Andokh Renar pursue oneness with the waves and the tide, and are only capable of truly altering the former. Dorakh Mul is not so passive. Having been infused with the flesh and breath of Vassar, he is capable of creating motion originating wholly from outside the tide, and use it to inflict change upon the tide. This brings all the benefits of a standard variant of the Andokh Ren, but also allows him to subvert the senses and abilities of standard Andokh Renar.   Additionally, he has consumed vast amounts of sea monster meat, making his flesh more like their own, which combined with his tremendous skill in Andokh Ren allows him total control over them.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Dorakh Mul first enters the historical record in the records of the Order of the Unceasing Tide, when he enrolled as a pupil at the Abbey of the Unceasing Tide learning the art of the Andokh Ren. In those early years, he believed wholeheartedly the philosophy which underpinned the Andokh Ren and Dokhar religious life. However, as the years progressed, and he served on a warship belonging to the great navy of the Empire of the Sea, he grew disillusioned. He found the tide to not be a source of strength, but a restriction, as with his expended senses he became acutely aware of how all the motions of his body were derived from the tide.   One night, while he was sleeping, Vassar reached out to him, and spoke to him. As Vassar existed outside of the world, it was able to offer Dorakh Mul a way to escape the tide, by gifting Dorakh portions of its own essence. The only cost was that Dorkah would serve Vassar in the breaking of the bonds of natural law for the whole of the world. Dorakh did not object whatsoever.   Dorakh, thus empowered, converted his ship to the cause of Vassar, and they vanished into the blue. Under Vassar's instruction, they began hunting sea monsters, so that Dorakh could consume their flesh, and hone the capacity to control them. The influence of Vassar upon the space around them cause it to change and to warp; the ship grew larger, and more resilient. They would occasionally make their way to coastlines, where other agents off Vassar would bring them supplies, and occasionally join their crew to accommodate the growing ship.   Eventually, all had been made ready, and War began. Khoron Lodovar laid low the island of Lo Dokh, and Dorakh Mul led a fleet of sea monsters to attack the Dokhar navy from the bow of his ship, now renamed the Eminent Depths. Throughout the War of Shadow, more people joined beneath Dorakh, expanding his fleet to dozens of ships, and with everything at his disposal, and his allies unmaking his enemies' resources on land, he very nearly destroyed the forces opposing him completely and utterly.   But the Enthroned Shadow, avatar of Vassar, was destroyed, reducing Vassar itself to one of the World-Weary. This was a massive blow to the forces aligned with Vassar. Many deserted, and their gains were swiftly retaken.   For Darokh Mul, there was no opportunity to desert. He was one of Vassar's lieutenants, and having wreaked so much destruction against his former allies, he was to be hunted down. For a time, he hid himself on the iusland of Lo Dokh, which was hostile to his enemies, and where he could ward them off with gigantic sea monsters under his control.   Darokh and his fellow remaining lieutenants devised a plan. They founded the Hand of Shadow, a cult of criminality which would act to undermine the societal order across the world, designed to act independently of them in the event of their flight from pursuit or capture.   Eventually, as they discussed and debated the nature of what had become of Vassar, the lieutenants discovered they could cross into the Dreaming, which is what had become of Vassar's physical form, and their pursuers could not follow. Darokh Mul crossed over with the Eminent Depths and its crew, and a handful of his largest sea monsters, leaving the others to linger around Lo Dokh.


Darokh's sole education was from the Order of the Unceasing Tide, which consisted of instruction in the Andokh Ren, and various rhythmic martial forms which were derived philosophically from the Andokh Ren. Darokh's subversion of the Andokh Ren, and his capacity to control sea monsters, are both self-taught, with some minor tutelage from Vassar.
Divine Classification
Lesser Power
Honorary & Occupational Titles
He assumed for himself the title "Lord of All The Sea," reflecting his intent to usurp the tide. His enemies applied to him the title "Lord of Pirates," reflecting their view of his ambitions and practices as little more than self-serving and self-gratifying.
Mukhala Ghor, Lo Dokh
Current Residence
Eminent Depths, The Dreaming Sea
Short, Black, Salty
1.90 (6'3")
82 kg (181 lbs)
Aligned Organization

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