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Sea Monster

The Dokhar have a complicated relationship with the multifarious giants of the deep. They have speculated a nigh-untold number of possible origins for these mighty beasts, and several of those which have held sway over the centuries paint them as embodiments or emanations of the tide, arguably making them figures of worship. However, during the War of Shadow, one of the Enthroned Shadow's lieutenants, an Andokh Renar named Dorakh Mul, managed to bind many of them to his will, and used them as a weapon. This coupled with their propensity to attack and destroy ships has led to them being a sign of ill omen among the peoples of the sea, Dokhar included.
— from To Rule The Waves, by Andoloros Bag Dolmoron

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Though there are some patterns which can be established, no two sea monsters look the same, and may differ in the arrangements or even composition of their internal organs. The central body, whatever its adornments, is always a long, robust body, which tapers towards one end. Often times, this tapered end has a fin which serves as the main driver of motion, but not always. Most sea monsters have what are called akhael, long filaments which appear at first to be kelp which has been draped over them, but which in actuality are prehensile tendrils, grasp and grapple prey—including sailors, or even ships. Their mouths are varied in shape, but are almost always filled with sharp teeth. Almost all have one or more horns, and ridges along their backs.

Biological Traits

There are precisely two universal constants that apply to all sea monsters. The first is that they possess at least one set of ridges, which are sensory organs for detecting oceanic rhythms. The second is that they have internal organs, which includes a digestive system and a cardiovascular system.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Sea monsters are extreme omnivores. Most of their diet consists of other large sea creatures, including other sea monsters. However, they have been observed to attack ships in order to eat sailors, and even eat portions of ships they attack.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Specimens have been found in oceanic waters all across the world.

Average Intelligence

Sea monsters are known to be highly intelligent, having displayed behavior such as corralling ships towards storms and treacherous rocks, to make feeding easier.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Though many specimen have eyes and ears, they do not rely heavily on their sight or hearing. To those which possess them, sight and hearing serve a secondary role, confirming information gained from a more important source. The most important sense they have—and this they do all possess—is their natural ability to sense the rhythms of the ocean—as the Andokh Renar do, but on a larger scale—chiefly with the ridges that run down their backs.

Average Weight
15,000-32,000 kilograms; largest weighted ~180,000 kilograms
Average Length
9-12 meters; longest measured ~32 meters
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