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Talos Stonebeam

Demonborn Talos Stonebeam

Written by Havern Stonebeam, father of Talos Stonebeam.
His birth created pain for thousands and caused the death of hundreds. The old gods are punishing those that have moved against them. They look to destroy the Cynics and everything they believe. We must help if we are to reach the surface again. He must learn to use the gifts given to him and find our way back to the old gods.
  When Talos was born, the farms died. All the work that was put into creating the hanging farm ecosystems destroyed in a single cycle. Even the Lifestone had rotted away to be useless. No one understood why this happened at the time, for the birth of the Pureborn was a surprise to all. Happening at the same moment as Androlin Vergus was born. They are twins in a since, but complete opposites. Androlin created and saved lives, while Talos destoryed lives and souls.
Report by Opinis Mudpoint Knight of Cynosure When I arrived at the grotto I had the troops immediately stand down. Any threat here was long gone. The scene was nothing like I had scene before. The grotto was small and cold, very cold. I could see my breath as I walked the area. In the corner sat 10 statues of ice sitting around an odd diagram. The details of the ice statues were haunting, down to the shocked looks upon the faces and even tongue and teeth. Looking at one that matched the description we were given of Havern Stonebeam, I knew the truth. These statues were the people we were looking for. They have paid the price for their blasphemy, taken by the demons themselves. One note, there was no sign of the child that others had mentioned. Had the demons taken the child for themselves?

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Talos is a small gnome even for gnomes. There are only a few reports of his actual looks and his presence always unnerves those nearby.

Body Features

Very pale skin, that glitters.

Facial Features

A small mustache and beard of pure white

Special abilities

It is believed that Talos was gifted powers by the demons.
  • Create Ice
  • Freeze Water
  • Freeze People (into pure ice)
  • Teleport
  • Invisibility

Specialized Equipment

Usually appears in a bright white robe that has been known to generate light.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Chronicle of the Ice King by Quinto Volor
Several tragedies have been blamed on Talos Stonebeam throughout the years. This list only includes ones where a witness was able to describe him.
  • Freezing of Laviathan
  • Icing of Forums (This includes 22 separate attacks that give that total 1034 dead.)
  • Avern Cave Collapse(29 dead)
  • Androlin Duel in the Prodent Grotto (20 Dead)
  • Icing of Hempher Grotto (125 dead)
  • Icing of the Beacon of Tears (597 killed)
He is also considered responsible for the famine that struck upon his birth which led to the death of hundreds. I don't care to use this as he had no choice in his birth, these other events were done by his choice.

Personality Characteristics


His motivations were still unclear as were is goals except to bring chaos and destruction where ever he went.


Family Ties

Although he was raised in a demonic cult, the entire cult was killed during a ritual. Most assume now that Talos is the one that killed them.

Religious Views

Talos speaks against the idea of the Cynosure and the Path of Cynosure as way of life. He would sometimes enter into a debate angrily with blasphemous words. Sadly, these were also places where he left death and destruction behind.
1275 1380 105 years old
Circumstances of Birth
His birth coincided and is thought to have created the destruction of the Hanging Farm Ecosystem and a famine that would last many years.
Circumstances of Death
Died in a duel with a Androlin Vergus
Light Blue

Fated Duels

Talos and Androlin would face off a few times during their lives. Most of the time this ended in a draw as she was so busy trying to save as many people as possible and he would escape. Talos made a daring strike at the Beacon itself and almost killed the Kyren which pushed Androlin to make a plan. This finalized in an epic duel at The Lost Beacon where she tricked him into a faceoff. Here she did not have to save anyone nor did she hold back. This duel is not well recorded in history as there is only one witness. A scout, Ulternas Vilpas, that happened to be nearby during the fight is believed to seen all of the encounter. He has spoken to no historians or even close family and friends about the incident. A poet named Orinik Hallowbill claims that he was told of the incident and created a poem named The Dueling Dancers to document the event. This is the only record of that the final Duel.
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