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Champion Andom the Researcher, Scourge of the Free.

This article contains knowledge lost thousands of years ago and is written from a Masa perspective, who villainizes the Drakkengard.


Our natural instinct is to compete, to struggle over the resources within our grasp. Often the strongest destroys everyone around them before destroying themselves. We will make sure this will not happen. We will guide the younger races so that they'll see the truth in time. You see young ones, we can thrive together, conflict is unnecessary when resources are plentiful and ambitions are tempered.
— A Drakkengard Emissary's speech
  Originally a cultural anthropologist[1], Andom was the first Drakkengard Emissary to set foot on the Overlord's empire on 343 BCE (before common era).[2]. Upon arrival she was assailed by the locals, who sought to drive out the invaders on their land.   Despite the hostility Andom and his crew never retaliated, suffering causalities with the peaceful approach but became an inspiration for Drakken heroes that would follow suite. Over time he befriended several locals and persuaded them to rebel against he Overlord, causing the destruction of the empire.  

The Masa Perspective

Why do we fall? So we can learn from our mistakes. Our "destructive" behavior is merely a natural restraint to prevent extinction of life. The Drakkengard seek to change that, elevate us to dangerous heights. Creating new weapons that allow a single person to destroy cities at a whim. We are constructs of our own design and we will inevitably fall from grace. And when we do will there be anyone left to learn from out mistakes?
— A Masa Companion to a Masa Friar
  Andom is no hero. He caused a bloody civil war to pursue his agenda, making no efforts to minimize causalities, inspiring words and encouragement does not stop people from dying, suffering, mourning. That's the reason the Masa only target select individuals in power, we can achieve our goals quickly with the fewest deaths, and the least suffering. We remember the faces of those we kill, determine if they're worthy to die, and honor their deaths; the Drakkengard pit families against each other, either they see people as expendable tools, or they relish in seeing the common people suffer.   They say the sacrifices was necessary but it's just propaganda. They uplifted the High Elves' because the Wood Elves were troublesome. They persuaded the High Elves to develop floating cities that can travel the world instantly, yet the Drakkengard pressured the High Elves to bombard the Overlord's capital, teleport it off the prime material plane, annihilated it, and left not even ash. Now the High Elves are an unstable race with a dangerous toys.[3] And by no one's surprise, once the Overlord's empire was gone they uplifted the entire western hemisphere. Creating puppets that will only agree with the Drakkengard. They've become an echo chamber of fools.   Still that is not enough, they take away freedom and change. Maybe their trinket have become deadlier but the world constantly evolves, nations are meant to rise and fall, to remain still is to fall behind. And with every weapon they create, the more freedom they take away from the people; when a single person is capable of devastating nations on a whim before anyone could stop them. I dread to think about our future.

Drakkengard and Masa

Both factions use discretion and manipulation to achieve their goals; however, their methods and goals couldn't be further apart.


The Masa are a Runners faction who use assassins and conspirators, under the guise of clergy and courtesans, to manipulate individuals in power. They believe rapid advancements of magic and technology pose a threat to all humanoids.


Drakkengard seek to preserve and advance knowledge. The Drakkengard use emissaries that can sway many commoners with charisma and coin, able to pacify the most warmongering societies, and incite rebellion against their leaders if they continue their hostilities.


Despite their opposing ideology. The two factions rarely interact directly. The Drakkengard vastly outnumber and out arm the Masa due to their world-wide prominence. However the Masa's focus allows them to make small unnoticeable advancements on the western side of the world with the assistance of the other Runners factions.
Champion Andom the Researcher, Hero of the Drakkengard
Character | Jul 30, 2018


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" when a single person is capable of devastating nations on a whim before anyone could stop them. I dread to think about our future." That line is powerful. I like the note about the perspective as well. Well done.

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