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Slave King Evanius

Slave King Evanius Daratan (a.k.a. Slaver, Demon Slayer, Grand Master, Heavensbane)

To kill a man is easy. But a dead man is not a defeated man. To truly defeat a man is to have him on his knees before you, begging to allow him to end his own life. And to be able to tell him 'no'
Evanius Daratan

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Evanius was born the second son of a wealthy merchant. Fearing his brother would inherit before he did, he got him drunk one night and sold him into slavery. His father grew suspicious, so Evanius murdered him in cold blood and took control of his empire.   A few years and many bodies later, Evanius controlled the slave trade. He demanded nothing but obedience from his subjects, even making them wear collars to prove their loyalty to him. Through brainwashing and utter devotion, he sent legions of his own slave army out to capture others, and soon a whole continent bowed to him.   But it was not enough, for his body was growing weak, and he knew his kingdom would shatter without him. So he made a deal with a devil to give him three years of absolute rule to get his affairs in order, and then his soul would go to the devil.   However, on the evening of the third day, he turned on the devil himself Thousands died in the ensuing carnage, but Evanius won out, destroying the devil's mortal form, and claiming dark powers for himself.   What followed next was a century of strife. Mercilessly devoted to him, his followers pillaged, burned, and enslaved villages, towns, even cities. Even the gods began to tremble, as Evanius now sought the divine spark; an item that would grant him he power to become a god.   Knowing this, the Gods assembled a team of Champions. Loden, a young King who recently united a continent's squabbling warlords into a unified kingdom. Carathina, his loyal bodyguard and champion of the common folk. Juleggen, a halfling cleric who sought freedom for his people. Jay'car, a young elf prince with great ambitions.   Together, they marched an army accross the sea to stop Evanius' evil plan. As he held the divine spark aloft, Jay'car opened a rift to the shadowfell and carried the spark with him. Fearing his power would be lost, Evanius' followed after, only to face the devil he knew killed on his own turf. And his retribution. They say his screams of anguish can still be heard in the darkest corners of the shadowfell.   However, Evanius' reign of terror did not end there. His llegion of slaves were driven insane without their master, and harried Loden's forces for days, throwing themselves upon blade and lance until every last man and woman lay still.   Loden's forces retreated, but even in death the forces still served their master. Rising in undeath, the very armour and weapons bound to their souls and harried them back to the sea.   Evanius' fate is unknown. Some say he died a slow painful death at the hands of the demon. Some say he wanders the shadowfell in search of those whose will he can dominate. Others say he lies in wait, planning his return to claim the entire world.
245 PLE 0 PLE 245 years old
Short, Black

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