Gerion Drenn

Master of Silver Gerion Drenn

Most villains doesn't consider themselves as actual villains. This is true about the late Master of Silver, Gerion Drenn. In his own eyes he did what was right. His family's legacy was The Silver Dagger, sworn to make werewolves extinct. He was indoctrinated from an early age about how evil werewolves were, and how they shouldn't be allowed to live.

He could have been seen as a hero if the law against werewolves wasn't removed. Until then it was a crime just to be a werewolf, and the punishment was death. Gerion Drenn would've done well in a world like that. Yet time changes, and it became apparent that werewolves weren't automatically evil. They were just ordinary people who had been afflicted with Lycantrophy who generally just wanted to be able to live their life without being hunted and murdered. Hence, the law was removed. Gerion and most of the members of The Silver Dagger refused to believe that werewolves were anything but evil and bloodthirsty, and kept on with their operations.

Bot Gerion himself and The Silver Dagger got the attention of the king of Kupria by refusing to stop their operations. It was less than a year from the law was removed until The Silver Dagger was forcefully deemed disbanded, and Gerion Drenn was put in prison.

His death was closely related to his actions. Contains story spoilers!
He made the mistake of capturing the son of a very competent and quick-to-anger pyromancer, and at one point they happened to be alone in the same room. When found, Gerion Drenn was dead and the pyromancer said, in the most unconvincing tone of voice possible, "oops."

Mental characteristics


The Drenn family has always been the leaders of The Silver Dagger, so Gerion was expected to at least join the organization. Gerion did more than just join, and as soon as his father stepped down from the job due to old age and failing health in 2082, Gerion was appointed the new Master of Silver. He held the title until his death in 2111.

Personality Characteristics


The main motivations for Gerion is to rid the world of all werewolves, and as a consequence make The Silver Dagger not longer needed.
2043 AE 2111 AE 68 years old
Silvery gray from age
178 cm
Aligned Organization
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