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Giridharan Kalravani

The Werewolf Prince

Prince of Bhalrooz Giridharan Kalravani

Giridharan Kalravani is a noble werewolf prince from the Akarren kingdom of Bhalrooz. In Illivan, he led the Werewolves of Kalravani, marshaling a well-organized clandestine conspiracy and helping to manage a secret railroad of tunnels under the city to harbor werewolves traveling north to answer Tunak's Call.   Giridharan is blessed with "Tunak's Gift," what he believed to be the divine right to hunt whatever (and whomever) he chooses and the source of his lycanthropy. He is also much more acutely in control of his lycanthropy than most werewolves, seemingly able to take his forms at will.   Wanted for murder in Illivan, Giridharan was seemingly killed by Ambrose François using a dark spell leaving behind a silvery wolf's head medallion and a pile of ash. However, the curse of Ogorian's evil magic instead trapped Giridharan in the Dreamlands (Oban).   With the help of the Elves of Soala'Sar and Chrysanthemum Ostander , Giridharan was freed coincidentally from the Dreamlands and brought back to the waking world, alive and well, during an effort to rid Ambrose of Ogorian's thrall. Kept away from others by the Elves, Giridharan was forced unto tutelage in Soala'Sar for a number of months until he agreed the same Trials that Ambrose and the others faced. The results of said trial altered Giridharan's world view in such a way that he renounced his past and vowed the Oaths of the Weané'Elle .   After completing the year-and-a-day in accordance to Elven tradition, Giridharan was considered a fully realized Paladin of Tunak. Under the guidance of Soala'Sar, Giridharan was sent to rendezvous with the Lantern trio in Rosara, but was quickly redirected to Roue D'or. There he reunited with the Lantern Bearers and agreed to accompany them wherever they may go. To his surprise and intrigue, their first destination would be Lun'Dun, the plane of demons.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Mark of a wolf's on his chest over his heart, symbolic of "Tunak's Gift" and resembling the medallion found by Karladron after Giridharan's first death.

Special abilities


Mental characteristics

Gender Identity





Royal tutalage

Accomplishments & Achievements

Passed the Trials of Soala'Sar, Participated in the defeat of the Devil Prince Akante

Mental Trauma

Had his mind separated from his body while it burned to ash, trapped in Ambrose Francois' dreamscape for several months

Morality & Philosophy

Oaths of the Weané'Elle, Devotee of Tunak (Ozark)

Personality Characteristics

Vices & Personality flaws



Religious Views

Tunak (The Five), Soalan Philosophy
I’m sure to you I must seem a fantasy. A handsome man from a faraway land," Giridharan grins, "I am a prince; Second Son of the King of Bhalrooz, Giridharan Kalravani." He tips his back as he basks in his own pride.
  Session #6: A Murderer in Moonlight
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Prince of Bhalrooz, Herald of Tunak, Paladin, Prince of Wolves
Date of Death
17 Ureza
783 ER 811 ER 28 years old
Golden, originally brown
Waist-length, straight, black
Known Languages
Mirisian (common), Akarren (common), Elven (Soala'Sar)

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