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Minty Dewlap

Minty F. N. Dewlap

Minty is a Lowhut druid terrorist, age roughly 14 years, whose attitude toward other people approximates that of other people toward feral dogs. Her activities are always an inconvenience to the progress of the Firemen and any force sent to secure new real estate from the native hoards. She is never seen without her savagely loyal companion Cretin, which is some form of big carnivorous bird.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Minty was born somewhere in the region of Fynefish to unknown parents, and was evidently raised by some Bighornian druids of a local clan. These druids have a standing policy to never withhold aid and shelter to a creature in need, and took her in, though her cantankerous attitude shortly made sparks with the conservative, easy-going lien of the average Bighornian. She did, however, pick their brains from a young age to gain a kind of precocious mastery of natural science and the divine magics associated therewith. At age 11, she finally had a noisy falling-out with her foster guardians on the subject of the implications of a druid's mission statement, and set off on her own. She already had custody of Cretin at this time, but it is unclear where she got him. The Bighornians, when interviewed, claim ignorance.


Minty studied under Goolgol Brecciasmiter of the Tanbois clan, along with Goolgol's various apprentices and colleagues. Though she was only about 1 year old by the time of her adoption, she instantly began showing signs of unusually precocious personality, constantly harrying the adults for lessons and knowledge. Her ambition exploded at around age 6, when she first started using druid magics. She began taking long expeditions entirely alone, coming back with living and dead animal specimens of all sorts and full of more questions than before. It was at age 8 that she asked Goolgol why the layers of rock in the canyon weren't level. This event is regarded a rite of passage among the rock-oriented Bighornians, and much was made of her early passage into technical adulthood. Incensed by the implication that she was less adult than her guardians, Minty redoubled her efforts to outdo her companions again.


For about 5 years, Minty has appeared in the North at Firemen's camps to deride the workers and sometimes actively oppose them. While she only rarely resorts to violence, she is adamant once she approaches a camp and will not relent until they pack up and evidently begin to leave. Those who refuse to leave have to play with Cretin while Minty starts calling lightning on everybody, and things get very uncomfortable.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Minty is notorious for single-handedly reversing the Mercaean Relief Force scheduled to march West in 2285. She evidently spent several months priming a mountain pass to collapse, and brought the walls of the valley down in a rockslide which killed several dozen. Her persistent perturbation of the disorganized and reeling force prevented it from regrouping properly, and enough lost motivation that the march essentially failed. The Troubles in Mercaea over the last few years have been attributed to Minty, and so a great bounty has now been placed on her head. A small, female child she may be, but anybody mature enough to defeat a small army is clearly mature enough to deserve the death sentence.

Mental Trauma

Minty seems absolutely obsessed with surpassing the druidic accomplishments of her elders, and in this logical speedway came to the conclusion that she'd also better stick closer to their overt goal than her mentors. She takes "Protect Nature" to an altogether unreasonable length, preventing the right and just burning of the Old Growth forests and occasionally waylaying military forces who set off to round up Immortals. She is quite


Social Aptitude

Minty has astonishingly rough language. She is rude, confrontational, and condescending. Hardly can you gainsay her before she has countered with some barbed remark intended to put your back up or shut you down outright.

Hobbies & Pets

Cretin, her animal companion, is some type of big flightless bird. Its sort aren't known from anyplace, but bears resemblance to fossil remains of critters of similar build (if often much greater size) which seem to have become extinct from most of the world some millions of years ago. Cretin, and now by extension his extinct ancestors, are now known to be feathered cursorial carnivores with aptitude for social bonding and complex play. It is unknown whether he has any living kin.   When Minty is busy lambasting someone or going to the bathroom, Cretin is reported to mellow out considerably, either ignoring people or giving them a curious little sniffing. Some children were once sighted playing with Cretin, but only until Minty returned to the scene. He then froze, dropped the child who he'd been gently gnawing, visibly stooped to look a little more edgy, and hopped back over to Minty as quietly as possible before she noticed his former activity.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Year of Birth
2273 F.T. 14 Years old
Fynefish probably
Current Residence
30 lbs

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Character Portrait image: by Oogalook


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