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Ervak Drerle

Ervak Drerle is from an Uskaran from Uskaria. A race and continent that has been destroyed. They were elven shifters. Ervak Drerle is the reason for the start of the destruction of Uskaria and the creation of Efren and Nucrana. Ervak Drerle lost his wife and daughter in a lab accident. He was also badly injured in the same accident. After this accident people in his village went missing. The missing people were only the start. The lakes that were near by started to grow. The magic he was using started going out of wack and started tearing the land apart. Both kingdoms banned together to take Ervak Drerle down. There was a major battle between the kingdoms and Ervak’s followers. As the final battle came to a close in a last ditch effort Ervak attempted to pull off what he called a resurrection spell. The spell back fired killing Ervak, his followers and much of the other two armies. The explosion broke Uskaria into two. Then over the next ten years more land disappeared into the sea while the rest of the people slowly died off from an side effect from the spell. The last living scholar of the race explained what had happened in his journal which he left in the great library which was now on Efren. Physical description Tall dark skinned like the rest of his race. He had silver eyes, and blond hair. He had been handsome before an battle that left his left eye blind and a scar running up and down that eye. He saw many battles before retreating into a research lab.   mental characteristics Strong outgoing convinced many to join his cause.   mental trauma Terrified of frying pans. Was known to shriek when he saw one. Not known why but thought to have come from his childhood, when his family home had been attack. His mother had been killed by a frying pan.   morality & philosophy He had goals and did anything to complete them. Many considered him to be ruthless. When was a solider did what ever was asked, no matter what it was.     Personality character   motivation He lost his wife, and daughter in a lab accident. His goal to resurrect them and become immortal. social hobbies and pets Study of life. Pushing the boundaries of what the combined magic could do.   wealth and financial He climbed through the ranks of their army. They were in battles on and off with the other Uskaran kingdom. He ended up being a general before leaving. He gathered more wealth though what his research produced.

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