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Tyrant of Antiognes

Tyrant of Antiognes Iregard Ordane (a.k.a. Mad Monk, Tyrant King, Lich King)

'The Barron has sent you to Anriognes? A fools errand that is.' said Astor   The aged inn keeper heard all the tales of travellers and was well versed in legends, so his discontent was disconcerting.   'A relic of the Great Calamity, said to be locked in the throes of its struggle and baring all the scars of its ruination. The whole city is time locked, frozen in stasis by a ritual meant to conctain the evil within. Soldiers and civilians, very much alive yet inert, are as they were a thousand years ago, fleeing and fighting the chaos that infiltrated their city. At the heart of it all sits the Tyrant King of Antiognes, a lich who was pinned to his throne and sealed by some rebellious clerics. His power never waned, the same ritual that keeps him docile also protects it. Still his anger and wickedness resonates through the land, attracting monsters and spirits to the last remnant of the old blightland. The whole place is a testament to the chaos that came after the old world fell, and it is said peace will never be restored to the land until his crown is returned and the time lock broken... Now are you going to rent a room or buy a drink? You can't just sit at the bar.'

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Though always tall and thin, he became emaciated and frail later in life as he neglected his health in pursuit of more knowledge. Though now as a Lich, it can be surmised that his body is as capable as in his youth.

Apparel & Accessories

Wears a suit of regal armour that has been tainted black by the wickedness of his practices. His long royal scholar cloak has been tattered and scorched by the ritual that made him a Lich. His crown was mingled with his magic to make it a powerful accessory and worthy artefact for the kingdom he was making, and its theft left him weak enough to be defeated. His small, ornate shield has a chime built in to attune holy magics, and his sword has cursed talisman that lets him cast his dark magic.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Iregard Ordane was bourne in the Bishopric of Antiognes. A bright mind, he took to the Grand Library within the city and became its keeper, eventually becoming chief scholar. Unlimited access to the world's knowledge, he pursued magic and attained a proficiency not usually seen outside the collages. Free from the regulation and oversite of the academies, he also freely explored the dark arts. Study of the things best left unknown began to take a toll on the young scholar's mind though, and the eager seeking of knowledge turned into a lust for power.   When the Great Calamity struck, the descent in barbarism that followed and collapse of the old order seemed to prove his developing ideas that absolute power would needed to withstand the chaos. With the Order of the Light in disarray and its Bishop lost, the brilliant scholar and his mages seemed a natural fit to take over. He used the resources of the city; its clerics, knights and paladins, to consolidate power and enforce his will over the land. With his small army, he protected the city and bullied the barbarian hordes in the surrounding lands. Reverence for the Light was forgotten and civil liberties downplayed as he began to style himself King.   As he aged, his sanity began to fade as the dangerous lore and experiments wore on him. He gained power and feared losing it, so begun researching ways to attain immortality. The abundance of dead bodies war and calamity provided him and his role as absolute ruler lent itself naturally to necromancy and he began researching the darkest of arts. He perfected the ritual to become the ultimate undead and knew it would require great sacrifice, but he was too far gone now to care what it cost.   Disidence was not tolerated under his rule, but his descent into madness and evil was not unoticed. Remnants of the old Order of Light and insurgent clarics, paladins, knights and priests within in city began to scheam against him. He completed his ritual and the magical blast ruined his city. Buildings were toppled, walls collapse, and life was sapped soldier and civilian alike. Most of its occupants parished and he became a Lich. Though now more powerful than ever, he was at his weakest due to the stress his body and soul went through, and the suddenannihilation of his army. The insurgent holymen stormed his castle at that point and defeated him in battle, pinning him to his throne with the Holy Spear treasured by the bishops. His crown was stolen and the whole place time locked with a stasis spell, for none knew how to kill the undead.   There he sat for a thousand odd years. The ruins are held in place by a powerful magic, the scant people who remain frozen in statues of toil and fright. At the heart of the ruined city sits the Lich King, pinned in place and frozen in time. His anger burned inside his mind the whole time he was trapped, eradicating whatever was left of his sanity after what he did to himself. His power can not wane, protected from fading by the same spell that keeps him static, and with his bitterness has cursed the city. It is now host to all manner of ghouls, fiends, monsters and wretches either bourne from or attracted by the Lich's power.


Self taught at the Grand Library, attained a proficiency in sorcery that rivalled the mages of collages and academies. Became versed enough in scriptures to advise the Bushop.


Started off as a scribe in the llibrary, then became a scholar and researcher, then chief scholar and advisor to the Bishop. After the cataclysm he usurped power and became the Tyrant, then self declared King, and ultimately undead Lich King.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Became a grand scholar at a very young age and personal favourite of the Bishop. Then managed to take over the city and assemble a capable army from the remnants of forces left from the old world. As a king, though repressive, he maintained order in a city while the rest of the world rent itself apart.

Failures & Embarrassments

At the peak of his power in a moment of weakness after his greatest triumph, he was defeated by dissident holy men (some of whom were his own) and impaled to his throne with a treasure of the old order, his crown stolen and city locked in time.

Mental Trauma

A life time of studying obscure and dangerous texts in the library took its toll on the brilliant mage's mind left him with delusions of grandeur. The knowledge of thigs best left unknown allowed him to gain great power and desired more, eventually turning himself into a lich. He knew the sacrifice to do so would cost his city, though if he cared by that point is uncertain. After the ritual, or perhaps because of it, and his ensuing defeat and imprisonment, he is consumed by nothing but hate and anger.

Intellectual Characteristics

An unquenchable thirst for knowledge turned into coveting the power it brought. At some point his goals shifted from power to protect his people, to power for powers' sake. This and the occult nature of the more dangerous volumes of lore warped his mind and by the time of his defeat, his level of lucidity could not be ascertained for certain.

Personality Characteristics


Desired to keep his city safe during the Cataclysm, then sought only to strengthen himself. By the time of his undeath, his mind slipped enough to where no know what he desires, although it is clearly in part inspired by bitterness and rage at his defeat.
Circumstances of Death
Was not killed but merely imprisoned in his throne room by a holy spear and a time locking ritual.
Large blue eyes in life, glowing sulphur yellow orbs in his sockets in death
Purple hair common to the peaple of the sacred mountain lands, grown excessively long and unkempt as his decent into madness progressed

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