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The Answer

A retreat is a retreat from everything, don't you think ? When I have nothing to do anymore here, I retire. More a drop of water, plus a ray of sunshine. I dry myself from head to foot, in a small corpse under a pile of leaf. The seasons fly over me without suspecting me. And then one day, the crow tells that she heard someone in the distance who starts crying again. So here I open an eye. I crawl eating the snow, licking the stagnant water. And my enemies shudder, because to see me drink, they understand that I'm back.
  The Answer of the Gods to mortals, such is his full name, is a humanoid being who manipulates the heroes who fell into despair. He is well known to have manipulated Lugrius and Enbart Nelles, Humans officer from Theocracy of Homeca's army. Lugrius and Enbart were brother and were banished as well as stripped of their titles for treason.
  The Answer did not miss to use the brothers' desire for revenge to make them do atrocious acts. He made these brothers examples that caused other souls in distress to do the same thing around the world. These insurrections led to one of the greatest disasters in this world: The Three-Day Fire. The countries burned and revolt broke out during three long days making thousands of victims and countless material destructions.   After the intervention of the military, 150 people were arrested and executed but at the time of their death, they all said:
People always ask the meaning of their lives. But we met a man in black who allowed us to move forward. There it was, the Answer.
  Since the answer has not reappeared, but the time has come for her to come back to answer a problematic.
Alternative name:
Demon ?
Year of birth:


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