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Octanus Riel

Octanus Riel

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

He wears two black, hoop-shaped earrings, which is a status marker of all Unyctan seers. They're believed to call forth magical power and knowledge from the god Joku, who wore three sets of black hoops in his ears.

Physical quirks

Octanus learned to write and cast with both of his hands in order to keep a feeling of balance. He also has a habit of never keeping still. He keeps his body busy with small ticks. For example, drumming his fingers on a surface, bouncing a knee, or drawing circles with his fingertip. This restlessness comes from his OCD-related anxiety.

Special abilities

Magic abilities, spellwriting

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity





Spellcasting, linguistics, mathematics, long range weapon fighting


Octanus works as a seer of Unyct. As a seer, he's considered of massive political importance in most places, and is often called in by local leaders to weigh in on important decisions. He's encouraged to see into the possible outcomes of the future, enchant items for political clients, and be a spiritual example to those around him in his faith.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He enchanted most of the magical objects that are famous in his geographic region, such as a pendant known as ChueldaRota (translation: protective soldier). This blue stone set in a metal X-shape projects a protective field around the wearer, preventing magical attacks that had been made with energy signatures similar to Octanus'.

Failures & Embarrassments

  • Doesn't give good advice.

Mental Trauma

Octanus has dealt with OCD all his life, and suffers a bit from PTSD from the death of his half-sister, which came about during a typhoon. The circumstances around her death are murky, as she was found with a deep stab wound, though most attribute her death to the rough, natural circumstances. He's haunted by the idea that she might've been murdered, and, since she'd been the only one in his life to understand his problems with OCD, he now has no one to relate to and support him with his troubles.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

  • Quiet and understanding of others
  • Ambidextrous
  • Thoughtful and inquisitive, especially when it comes to magic

Vices & Personality flaws

  • Prone to jealousy
  • Acts out suddenly when angered
  • Preserves an isolated state of mind

Personality Quirks

  • Drums fingers when nervous
  • Constantly moving some part of his body
  • Draws circles when upset


Religious Views

Octanus is a follower of Uno'oc, a religion surrounding three (in some branches, four) gods. It reveres the androgynous god Joku as the sole creator of the human race, and the sculptor of the earth. A few main tenets of Uno'oc are written as listed:
  • Joku, the lord and sculptor of the earth, is eternal and will survive the destruction of Gadu'oc.
  • All must follow the way of the gods, and strive to live light and honest lives.
  • The only true expression of the mind is physical. Words and emotions are easily twisted and misunderstood, but action is straightforward and therefore strongest, most like the way of the gods.
Year of Birth
89 28 Years old
Black, monolid
Long, sleek, black
130 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"I do what I want."
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Unyctan, Ahknan, Central Asaii, Oascan

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