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Vesperr Elnorin

The Doombringer, Dark One, the Corruptible, The Father of Necromancy Vesperr Elnorin

Vesperr was once an arcane archaeologist within the Falmalin empire, but what he is well known for is the doom of the world. He is the one who unleashed the horrors of the aberrations upon the land. While some say he was not always this villainous character that the stories depict him as, it is largely a moot point. At the point where the Old Gods have corrupted you it is usually too late.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Vesperr began his life as a middle the ground rather nondescript character. Born to the middle class, the only thing he really had that set him apart was his minor abilities in the arcane and his love of ancient civilizations. He began using his abilities to further archaeological study until one day he uncovered an ancient temple to some sort of dark deity. Laying in the middle of the temple upon an altar was a book chained up and locked. He took it back his study and after a quick spell to unlock the chains he began reading into the book. In the beginning he was worried about the secrets this book depicted as it described horrible rituals, and spells that shouldn't be known. However, his curiosity got the best of him and as he continued reading, he found that more pages and words would magically appear inside the book. At this point he had become obsessed with the secrets and knowledge that this book contained and generated and had give up on all else. After numerous days he walked out of his study a changed man. No longer was the weak, lacking in confidence archaeologist, but a master of the dark arts. He had read about a ritual designed to give him communion with a powerful being that would grant him more power in exchange for some simple services, and he was eager to try it out. He convinced one of his workers to enter the temple with him, whom he promptly sacrificed on the altar and entered into a dark pact with this being. In exchange for limitless power, all he had to do was continue his digging, and complete one more simple ritual once he reached the proper depth. He happily agreed, continued his research and upon reaching the depth he summoned up the spirits of the dead inhabiting the ruin and murdered his digging crew. As their blood washed upon the floor a magical symbol was drawn in their lifeblood, and a horde of flesh creatures burst out of the floor. No one knows what happened to Vesperr, but most assumed he was simply eaten or converted by the hordes.


Circumstances of Death
Unknown. Most assume that he was simply by the aberrations he unleashed

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