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Kasper Gray

UBH's most heinous villain

"Have you ever read his papers?" I asked.   Cian shook his head. "No. No way. But I guess you would have had to."   "Yeah. And let me tell you what. He was vile. The humans he experimented on? Some were found with their skin turned inside out or with three or four arms sewn on. He was trying to turn them to witches, but I find that as a witch, I like my skin the right side out, personally."   "I've always found that preferable as well," Cian agreed. "But why turn human into witches?"   I shrugged. "No idea. He was a few crows short of a murder, if you know what I mean." Before Cian could even say anything, I smirked. "I love a good pun."   "So do I," Cian said dryly. "When I hear one."   I frowned but refrained from magicking Cian; after all, he was a useful resource.

Kasper Gray was an extremely powerful witch known for his extensive work on Dark Magic. He authored the most famous book on Dark Magic, the Gray Book, as well as created many Dark Magic objects capable of causing either death or great pain. He was also the founder of a Murder of Crows  Charismatic, charming, and attractive, no one around Kasper suspected his dastardly deeds. He was quite a prestigious Librarian and often lectured at the Athenaeum.   However, he is most perhaps most famous for what was found after he died. After a search of his house, human bodies were found piled in his attic. By the research he left behind, it became clear that he had been experimenting on humans to see if he could change them into witches. (For reasons unknown; his dislike for humans was well-known.)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kasper was born with Elemental Magic to a lower middle class family in Ilyrium. Kasper excelled during his education and quickly became one of the most powerful in his class. After his mentorship, Kasper graduated and became a Junior Librarian. His research specialized in Dark Magic and his interest in Dark Magic leached into his personal life as well.   Unknown to those around him, Kasper began to practice Dark Magic extensively. He founded a Murder of Crows in order to destroy authoritarian rule and recruit others to practice Dark Magic.   Eventually, Kasper's past caught up to him. Before he was captured, however, members of the Council found Kasper dead. He had just returned from an extended vacation the day before he was found.


Like all witches of Ilyrium, he attended both the Academy and the Institute as well as the Athenaeum. He excelled at school and was a very well-liked student, as he was able to manipulate people around him.


Kasper was employed as a Librarian. He was promoted from a Junior Librarian at age 22.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Although Kasper's accomplishments would not be viewed by most as virtuous accomplishments, he achieved quite a bit in his young life.   Kasper was the inventor of many hideous and well-known Dark objects. Perhaps his most famous is the Mors Torque, a device, when used, will kill a person (witch or human) instantly. His other famous invention is the Vincula, a set of chains that prevents the prisoner from doing magic. His catalog of Dark Magic objects typically involves objects that cause death or immense pain.   Kasper also authored the Gray Book, the preeminent book on Dark Magic.

Failures & Embarrassments

Perhaps his most gruesome failure (and most witches will agree that they are glad it was a failure) was his experimentations on humans in order to turn them to witches. After Kasper's demise, several Council members discovered the remains of the humans and many were shaken to the core at their discovery.

Oh, what a ghastly, grisly discovery! I can scarcely relay what I saw, but I must. When we walked into his attic, we found the remains of at least two dozen humans. The stench was most unbearable. That would have been horrifying enough! However, the evil man had performed gruesome experiments, and the humans were in all sorts of appalling states. There were those that had no limbs at all, and some with too many. Some had been flayed alive and had their skin turned inside out or attached to others. Jars of eyeballs and teeth were scattered across the room, and perhaps the most odious element of it all was the floor was still quite slick with blood.   --Recollections of a Council member from 1832

Mental Trauma

About three months before Kasper's death, he began to experience signs of psychosis. Later, it was suggested the psychosis was the result of practicing Dark Magic.

Morality & Philosophy

Kasper's morality was crooked; he believed only in himself and did things only for himself. Kasper was not afraid to sacrifice others to achieve his goals.


Family Ties

Kasper was not close to his family; they were lower middle class, and Kasper considered them beneath him.

Religious Views

Kasper did not prescribe to a certain religion. (However, his family had been worshippers of the Roman pantheon.)

Social Aptitude

Kasper was extremely charismatic and was instantly liked by everyone around him. He was also confident of his skills (often to the point of arrogance). He also was polite to the fault, and he charmed even those most skeptical of his magic.

Wealth & Financial state

From Kasper's profession as a Librarian, he became quite wealthy. However, he poured most of his money into a Murder of Crows.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Level Two witch
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
1800 1832 32 years old
Circumstances of Death
Recorded as suicide, but maybe murder?
Current Residence
Show spoiler
Kasper is kept in an unknown location by the Magisterium.
Blonde, almost platinum and long (to his shoulders)
185 lbs.
Aligned Organization

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Author's Notes

Written for Summer Camp 2018's prompt: Write about a villain in your world who changed history.

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