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Khan Targrol (a.k.a. Bloodmaster)

Orcs are naturally violent, it's part of our culture - but that man, he exceeds what is normal. He's a religious fanatic, killing anyone who doesn't agree with his archaic beliefs
— Maul Durakson
  Targrol is the current Khan of the Boltarian orcs, and is known to all as one of the most bloodthirsty people ever to walk Tersupra. It is his actions that have destabilised the Boltarian steppe, leading to the mass migration of orcs they flee the conflict.   He believes the Bolatarians are being punished by their God, Tolokoth, for abandoning the old ways of living. In his opinion, communicating and trading with the outside world is wrong - the Boltarians should close off their lands and live as they have for centuries. Targrol is commited to his view, and will gladly inflict pain on anyone who does not share it.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Targrol's body has been enhanced by a rare and dangerous herb known as Mafasta. It has provided him with inhuman strength, speed and agility. He is, without a doubt, the strongest orc in existence. However, his overuse of the herb has brought on some side effects, and he is starting to develop various illnesses as a result.

Mental characteristics

Personal history


Targrol was the bastard son of Khan Elbai and a concubine. As a result, he was shunned by the Khan and forbidden from claiming on his birthright as son of a Khan.   Despite this, he remained a well-known member of the tribe - known for his fighting ability and callous attitude to combat.  

Rise to Power

When Khan Elbai died, everyone expected the title of Khan to fall to his eldest legitimate son - Goyamba. But, during Goyamba's coronation, Targrol stormed into the ceremony and challenged Goyamba for the right to rule, invoking the ancient rite of rule by combat prowess.   Despite Targrol not having any claim to the throne, therefore making the rite null, Goyamba accepted his terms - believing it a good opportunity to rid the tribe of the insolent bastard son. Goyamba was confident in victory, and he likely would have won in a fair fight, but Targrol took the opportunity and poisoned his blade - paralysing Goyamba with the first strike.   The audience of the ritual fight could only look on in horror as Targrol beheaded Goyamba in one mighty sweep - he was the Khan now.  

Fanatic Reign

Targrol had developed some extremist beliefs about the Boltarian faith. He had come to believe that Tolokoth was punishing his people for trading and communicating with the outside world. So, as newly-coronated Khan, he began a mission to rid the steppe of the influence of the outside world.   Foreign merchants were slaughtered, travelling orcs were burnt at the stake, prisoners of war were sacrificed immediately. All the technological advancements they had gained from outside contact were burnt alongside the construction diagrams.   Some orcs began to fight back, forming a resistance movement to try and stop Targrol from ruining decades of advancement. He responded by turning on his own people, massacring entire villages of people for one resistance fighter.   Targrol holds the steppe in an iron fist, and he continues to do so to this day - there is no telling when he will stop.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Khan of Boltaria
Year of Birth
1243 AE 63 Years old

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