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Eskandar Nerezan

Sir Eskandar Nerezan

Sir Eskandar had all the makings of a perfect knight. He was strong. He was just. He was kind, yet let no kindness dull his blade, and wasted no time in bringing retribution down on those who dared betray him.   We were all fools.
  Sir Eskandar Nerezan of Solariste was a human knight of Iomedae, at first. His life seemed unremarkable within his first years. His parents had both passed away before he reached the age of 10, leaving him to grow up in the care of the Solarian Orphanage. Whilst he didn't excel at school, he was swiftly observed to have excellent physical abilities, and was soon enrolled in the Valorhart Academy.   As the years passed, Eskandar grew to fame for his deadly bladework and sense of honour. At age 23, he claimed victory over the Emperor's own knights, and was thereafter welcomed into the higher echelons of the Aletheian Military. Though one of the youngest knights in the forces, he played an instrumental role in the war against long-term enemy nation Ordan, successfully capturing entire towns for the Empire. He was sent home at age 26, following an ambush by a wandering orc tribe - though still emerged victorious over his attackers.   During his recovery in Solariste's hospital, he was forever altered by a visit from Lord Ashworth - then-head of one of the secretive vampiric noble houses. Though none can possibly say what occurred between the two, it was on this day that the course of history was irrevocably altered - for Eskandar had been turned from the light.   The exact events from this day onward are still shrouded in mystery. Eskandar was seemingly able to turn his companions (both in his military and personal lives) to his newfound cause, for there remains limited evidence of their great betrayals. Over the course of three years, they gathered information and secured allegiances, until it was the moment of truth - the moment in which all Valathe would know betrayal.   With his small force of loyal knights and priests, Eskandar rode into Tenaerul . The region had been scarred by tainted magics thousand of years prior, in the Worldrend, and its spread had only been stopped through the willing sacrifice of Iomedae's champion. Amongst the ruins, he would seek to undo this act of selfless honour through a dark ritual that would besmirch each and every one of Iomedae's precious values, corrupting an innocent cleric of his former goddess as a physical representation of his betrayal.   It was not the woman's torturous death that would pierce Tenaerul's barrier, however. Her screams granted Eskandar strength, and he commanded the suicide of his followers for more of the same. As the broken sobs of his former friends echoed through the ruined landscape, he reached out to his new master for one final spark of aid. In a maelstrom of demonic energy, Eskandar was twisted into one of Rovagug's tainted spawn, and the land shivered beneath his approach. The soul-energies of Ypolita could not hope to hold against his attack, and with a mighty leap, he permanently destroyed the protective bubble, searing the landscape with abyssal energy.   The act of depravity was enough to awaken Aletheia's protector, the golden dragon @Altanluu. In a flash of magic, the dragon appeared in the skies above Tenaerul. Were it not for the hasty appearance of the then-Emperor himself, however, Eskandar may have been able to triumph over the great dragon - the power of Rovagug ran through his veins, and very few alive could hope to counter it.   It has long been said that the Aletheian bloodline runs with the blood of countless angels. Perhaps this is why the battle was ended so quickly upon the Emperor's arrival - none present at the battle have been willing to give their account of its finale. Eskandar was slain, his body destroyed and its ashes sown within Tenaerul. He would forever go down in history as the Knight of Deceit, and his acts would set into motion an entirely new course of history. Celesthem Temple was constructed in response to what he had unleashed, and the world was made aware of Rovagug's sudden burst of activity.   They would not let this happen again.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Well-muscled and tall, Eskandar was built perfectly for a knight. When corrupted, his muscled swelled and gave way to demonic spikes, his skin becoming leathery and head sporting twisted horns.

Apparel & Accessories

Wore a standard suit of gold-trimmed steel armour, reinforced by the magics of his squadron's enchanters. After his transformation, this armour was corrupted into a demonic mockery of what it had once been, granting him great power at the cost of his well-being. It is rumoured that the armour lies somewhere in Tenaerul still, waiting to be worn by an unsuspecting adventurer...

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity



Studied at the Valorhart Academy of Solariste, showing extreme proficiency with a longsword.


Loyal knight of the Aletheian Empire up until his betrayal, at which point his heart belonged only to the Destroyer.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Successfully led a small but undetected group of twisted knights to destroy the Barrier of Tenaerul, which had previously stood for millennia. Before his corruption, he claimed trophies in multiple tournaments and felled countless foes, contributing greatly to the Aletheian victory over Ordan.

Intellectual Characteristics

Extremely charismatic and physically strong, though possessed less knowledge than many others. This had never deterred him from his course.

Morality & Philosophy

Originally a stalwart defender of Law and Good; became corrupted into a fanatical adherent to Rovagug's whispers. He would have seen the world destroyed to let chaos reign, had he not been stopped.

Personality Characteristics


Initially sought to defend his country and bring down retribution on those who opposed it. This was warped into an all-consuming desire for destruction upon his meeting with Lord Ashworth.


Religious Views

Initially faithful to Iomedae alone, but had his faith warped to become one of Rovagug's followers.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Knight of Iomedae and of the Aletheian Empire Twisted Warrior of Rovagug
4878 EA 4906 EA 28 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Mother died in childbirth
Circumstances of Death
Killed in the moments following the Barrier's partial destruction
Current Residence
Warm green
Tousled but short dark brown hair
Known Languages
Common, Celestial, Abyssal

Character Portrait image: Eskandar Nerezan by Hanhula (via Midjourney)


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"yet let no kindness dull his blade" => "yet let no kindness dulled his blade" "bringing retribution on those who betrayed him." consider: "bringing retribution to/onto those who betrayed him."   Is that name a hat-tip to the Persian version of Alexander the Great's name "Iskandar"? :3   Great Article ^-^ I'd consider adding some article blocks to the sidebar to even it out with your main content, improving the visual appeal and interactivity of your article!

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